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Hi everybody: I recently bought a new pair of sketchers shape-ups. I love those shoes they are very comfortable and good looking. I stand on my feet all shift. I used said shoes one day but at the... Read More

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    It may take some time to find the shoes that work best for you. I've tried Danskos and while they were fine for my feet, they made my back worse. I've tried other shoes someone swore by and they made my feet worse. I recently bought a pair of Reebok Zignanos and they seem to be working great. Back is doing fine, feet are doing fine. Before buying a pair of shoes try them on, walk around (at your normal work pace) then stand for a few minutes. Take your time, pay attention to how your feet and back feel. Think about the most comfortable shoes you already own and what makes them so comfortable. For me, my heel cannot be higher than the ball of my foot, for others, they are more comfortable if their heel is higher than the ball of their foot. Also think about what doesn't feel comfortable and why - you'll know what to avoid when shopping for shoes. Everyone is different what works for one doesn't for another.

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    Dansko's and Nike Shox are the only ones I wear. I alternate between the two pairs.
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    I wear reebok easy tones with dr schols inserts (the ones u stand on the machine and it maps your pressure areas). I love them! Got them in white in nursing school and just got them in black! So worth the $100(shoes) and $40(insoles)!

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