Beds/Lifts/and Bed Pan sanitizers

  1. We are in the middle of construction and are buying new equipment. I was curious to see what others were using and what they liked/didn't like. I am also interested in how they are holding up for you. The items we are looking at are beds and lifts. We are also looking at bed pan sanitizers- what are best practices with those these days and what do you like? I asked a few DON's in my area and no one seemed to know. Currently we just bleach everything and replace every 30 days.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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  3. by   noc4senuf
    Personally, the best and cheapest way to go for sanitizers.... dishwashers. Easier to use, and a whole lot cheaper.... slick as can be.
  4. by   Dragonmom
    Don't know what your budget is but I've always liked the Hil-rom beds. They can now be connected to an intercom system so there's no humping down the hall in the middle of the night to find out Mr. Jones was wondering if anyone was around or what time it is. Also with these beds to reposition a patient you just push a button and the bed does it. The patient can also be moved to a sitting position for eating or reading, right in the bed itself, this is more like a chair than most of the beds currently used. They also take weight and keep track of weight loses/gains. Auto alarms, air mattress or gel settings, heat and cooling...there are many more features to these beds. I wish we had them where I currently work.
    As for the bedpans, we supply each new resident with a disposable fracture pan. They can take them with when they discharge or we throw them. They are disposed of and replaced every week. But each resident has their own. They are plastic and rinse and wipe out quite easily, and they are much more comfortable than the traditional bed pans.
    Good luck on the remodel.