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Hi everyone! I graduated with my ADN in May and finally landed my first job :) It's a PRN job in a SNF and I'm also waiting to hear about another PRN job in a LTC facility. I originally got into nursing because my grandmother... Read More

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    Ok I've checked it out my quote is for an annual premium, so does that mean I only have to pay that small amount once a year to protect my license?! If so, that is MORE than worth it!! Awesome

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    Thank you all so much for the advice! My first day is next Monday and I'm starting to feel a little nervous
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    1. Use a table for a cheat sheet and make a copy of it use it during report.. Write down each pt name / room number lengthwise during report. Then divide widthwise into sections for each patient: medication times(8,12,2 days) (5,8,10 pm)(0000,0400,0600 nights) look in the MAR for each pt, in report ask the nurse if their meds are crushed/whole write next to pt name on your cheat sheet, BG check in the MAR, treatment, sat level, changes(to write note for something the cna reported or you observed. Use different colored highlighter for med time because not all pts will get a two o'clock med it will make med pass a little quicker easier, bg checks, tx nor do all pts are diabetic needing a bg check, same for treatments.
    2. If you need help or dont know ASK.
    3. Do charting, summaries, tx after each med pass, new orders, labs and follow up on cna reports.
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    In a SNF? First piece of advice, run far, and run fast, away from that place. Second, get malpractice insurance. With the workload and patient numbers and acuity with lack of help, you may need it. SNF was the worst.
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