Where to take prerequisites?

  1. I'm considering applying to nursing schools in the near future but I first need to finish my prerequisites. I have a bachelors and masters degree in another field and would need to take all of the science courses before I can apply. I've contacted all the nursing programs I'm interested in (GSU, Emory, Kennesaw, Clayton) and have been told it doesn't matter where I take my prereqs so long as the school is accredited. But I'm wondering if different schools are weighted differently when they consider the prereqs and grades. For example, would an A in A&P from GSU be given more weight than an A in A&P from Chattahoochee Tech? I'm asking because my GPA from my undergrad is so-so (3.2). I graduated 9 years ago & was not nearly as serious a student as I am now (I finished my masters w/ a 3.9) so I want to make sure my science courses count. Any suggestions? I'm considering Chattahoochee Tech since the tuition is so affordable and they have an RN program so I assume the science courses would have health science students in mind.
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  3. by   Kel3

    I would *personally* avoid doing prereqs at a tech school if you are wanting to transfer to a university, but others might chime in with their success stories of doing just that. What I would/did do is knock out prereqs at GPC. It is inexpensive, they have a few locations, and universities are happy to accept their credits. I took many classes at GPC prior to transfering to GSU, and am now in GSU's nursing school. I have a friend who took every single bit of her prereqs at GPC and is in her last semester at Emory now.

    If you can take some classes without shelling out a lot of money, I say do it.

    Best of luck to you!!

  4. by   monica427
    Thanks for the reply Kelly! I've also looked at GPC for taking my prereqs and it does seem like a great option. It's much closer to my home so that appeals. The reason I've been considering Chat Tech is because it's even cheaper than GPC. All the student fees (on top of tuition) at GPC really add up and make it still fairly pricey since I'll only be taking one class at a time. Maybe I'll look more seriously at GPC though. Obviously I'm having doubts about Chat Tech since I posted this message.