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I've applied for the 1/1/10 competitive selection for entrance in Spring 2010. Are there any other applicants playing the waiting game with me?... Read More

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    I'm currently a student at WGTC and plan on applying in July if I don't get accepted into the summer program at Columbus Tech. I applied at Columbus to increase my chances of getting into one of the programs in the area since it is so competitive.
    Kisha, as others have mentioned, keep trying!

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    I am applying for the RN program in April, for anyone that got in how was the interview? And how high did you have to get on the NLN?? I have A's in my core classes, but I am getting the feeling the NLN is what really matters not my grades.
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    Hi - I can't really give you any information on the interview as I haven't gotten to that point yet. The NLN accounts for 50% of your score for selection process, so it is important to get it as high as you can, but your grades are very important as well and you should be very proud of your 4.0! Good luck with the April selections!
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    Thanks, it was very hard getting a 4.0 especially since I am pregnant, my biggest fear now is the NLN, I am taking BIO2117, SPC, PSY2103 April term. I am hoping that someone that had the interview can give me pointers on what to expect also how high did they score on NLN and still got accepted into program.
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    Try not to stress too much about the NLN. You will do great on it. Have you gotten any study guides? I used the one published by the NLN and it really did help a lot.

    While browsing this website a while ago, I came across this thread that was started by the folks that applied last year at WGTC. It gives their perspective on the interview process. This group has a couple of threads that they posted last year that gives a lot of information about their whole experience with the process at WGTC. I hope this helps.
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    I too am applying for the Fall 2010 class at WGTC. I still have to take the NLN and find my cpr card to make a copy. Guess I need to get that study guide and get busy so I can take that test no later then May. Georgia is a very competitive state so I also applied to schools in Alabama that border GA and may look into Schools in Tennessee that also border GA. Gotta do what you gotta do. The Alabama schools only need your Compass Reading scores so that is something else to think about. I appplied to their RN and LPN programs..The RN program letters go out in June for the Alabama schools and I have received an acceptance letter for an LPN program in Alabam that starts in Summer..so what I'm saying is that sometimes you have to go through the back door and think of other ways to make it happen. I'm accepting the LPN slot for now but if I get into a school in GA or an RN program in Alabama and alternate will take my place and I will start in another program but it's good to keep your options open and to allow yourself those options.
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    Good luck shona, I hope one of them works out for you!
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    if any of you got into the program....could you shed a little light...

    From the beginning of the program, did you guys actually stay until 4 every day?? how often did that happen? thanks!

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