West Ga Technical College LPN Fall 2012

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    I am currently a student at WGTC. I will be applying to the LPN program this Fall 2012. I have completed my pre-req's and PSB test. Of course, I am very nervous and anxious to get accepted. I am constantly worrying about did I score good enough, are my grades good enough, can I do this. Here to discover and share experiences along the way.

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    Good Luck! My sister graduated from there last year. She said the program is hard but she learned alot!
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    good luck go you!!I also attend west Ga tech and praying to get accepted into the LPN! program this fall
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    Good luck to you also! I am so nervous. I am going to retake my PSB, I just hope I score good enough. I hope we both get in.
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    Have you heard anything yet? I'm still waiting.

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