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West Ga Technical College.

  1. 0 Hey everyone. I submitted my documents already for Spring 2012 for the Murphy Campus and the deadline as I recall is August 15, 2011. I took the NLN on the 11th in Lagrange and got a 127 composite score. Anyone else applying??
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    I'm applying in the Spring of 2012 for the August start 2012....
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    Hi, I applied as well. I applied on the 11th as well. I don't believe the Lagrange campus is takng students this cohort just Murphy....Well, The wait game begins .
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    I also applied!
    3 A's
    2 B's
    98 on the nln
    I turned my stuff in early and still no letter...
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    The deadline was on the 15th so I assume letters will go out in 2 weeks.
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    Yeah, you will get 2 letters. One with your score and then a couple weeks later a acceptance or rejection letter
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    I got my competitive selection score letter today!
    My score is 95.4
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    i thought the most you could get was a 75 total points and the interview is 25 points. Are they not doing interviews anymore??
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    No, they cut interviews out praise the lord! Nln is 60% and grades are 40% now!
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    Oh okay. I just watched the competitive advising video and realized they cut interviews. So I calculated my score out of a 100 and it would be an 87.93. I wonder how fast they are gonna send me the admissions points letter. I turned mines in on the 11th. I am so anxious. I just hope to God I get in. LOL!
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    It should be soon!
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    I am going to call them tomorrow because they have me as an out of state student when I have been living here for ten years. I dont know if that will hurt my chances but I dont want to take any risks.
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    Yeah I would call and get that taken care of. I'm sure it will be fine!