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  1. I applied to the University of West Georgia, and will not hear anyting until April. I am looking for people who have also applied to UWG and are waiting to hear. I thought we could form a support group on here and hold each other up during this time of playing the waiting game!
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  3. by   vandeurnat2
    Yes! I applied back in November and have been patiently awaiting any news of the writing session and April 1st mail outs of acceptance letters.
  4. by   mytwoboysmom
    Hi, I am so happy that you responded, I was about to think I was the only one out there!
  5. by   vandeurnat2
    No your not alone!
  6. by   vandeurnat2
    Do you happen to know when or how we're getting contacted regarding the writing session?
  7. by   BeeCaring22
    Hello everyone I'm applying and I was wondering what my changes of getting in? I have completed everything but Statistics and Chem1&2 ...
  8. by   tiahlee29
    Quote from mytwoboysmom
    I applied to the University of West Georgia, and will not hear anyting until April. I am looking for people who have also applied to UWG and are waiting to hear. I thought we could form a support group on here and hold each other up during this time of playing the waiting game!
    YES!! I agree with the support group! I applied to UWG nursing program as well for this upcoming summer 2013 term. The writing session invites are supposed to be sent in mid February. I spoke with one of the advisors today, she told me that the writing session invites will be mailed per how long it will take for the BSN committee to go through the applications and see who is qualified and who is not. I am soooooooo nervous and I really want to go the UWG. It doesn't matter what campus I go to Newnan or Carrollton. I just want to get in!!!!
  9. by   tiahlee29
    UWG will sent invites in the mail. If no invite is sent, then that means the person did not qualify for the program. They say the writing session takes about a hour to a hour and a half.
  10. by   vandeurnat2
    Thanks tiahlee29! So mid feb.... so excited! BeeCaring22, your chances of acceptance will depend on: your overall GPA on All attempted courses, completion of required courses, and CNA certification completion by the time you begin nursing classes. Your chances of consideration are based on 2.75 + GPA, completion of at least 36 semester hours, submission of your online survey through banweb. Extra points are awarded for those with a previous Bachelor degree, those who are LPNs, those in Coweta County applying to Newnan campus, &/or 15+ credits taken at UWG. As far as your chem 1&2 are concerned the reqs. state 3/5 science courses must be completed by the Feb 1 deadline.. im assuming you should complete the remaining 2/5 during spring semester. You probably want to discuss that with your nursing advisor. Your math reqs. must be completed. So if you've taken college algebra, quantitative skills or precalc they will fill that requirement. Stats is Highly recommended but not a must. I hope this helps. And if I've made any mistakes or anyone has additional info to add feel free to chime in
  11. by   mytwoboysmom
    I think that stats is a requried math to get into the program. Also, I went to the pre-nursing "party" they had last week and she gave us some examples of what to expect for the writing session. The essay will be 5 paragraphs long, and could be any topic from "what was the most important event in you life and why?" to "Tell us how you feel about _______." As far as them making sure you are qualified to go to the writing session, they are looking at:

    1. do you have 3/5 sciences compleated
    2. do you have at least 36 credit hours compleated
    3. have you taken or are signed up for the classes you required to start the nursing program.

    They said that it never fails they always have people who appy who are not meet application requirements. They also said they don't know how many people they are admiting this year, it could be 100 to 120 with a 30 person waiting list.

    I am taking my last few classes and getting CNA qualified. I feel like my whole body is on pins and needles waiting to find out if I have gotten in.

    sorry for any spelling mistakes, my cat keeps walking across my key board

  12. by   vandeurnat2
    Hmm my nursing advisor said stats wasn't a must (i have it anyway so not worried)... And why didn't I get wind of the pre nursing party? Lol. This feels so unorganized with the new changes.
  13. by   mytwoboysmom
    I copied this from the web site for Nursing Pre-reqs [FONT=TT10Ft00][FONT=TT10Ft00]
    [FONT=Times-Roman][FONT=Times-Roman]"MATH 1111-Coll Algebra, OR 1001-Quant. Skills, OR 1113-PreCalc, [FONT=Times-Bold][FONT=Times-Bold]OR [FONT=Times-Roman][FONT=Times-Roman]1634-Calc [FONT=Times-Bold][FONT=Times-Bold]AND [FONT=Times-Roman][FONT=Times-Roman]2063-[FONT=Times-Roman][FONT=Times-Roman]Statistics"

    I am so glad that Stats is behind me, I HATED it!

    They sent me an invitation through my UWG email to the "party" I left as soon as I got the writing session info.

    I also feel they are a bit disorganized since they changed the recomendations, and it make me a bit nervous. I don't really like the idea that there is no way to know if you are even competitive or not, becuase there is no presidence set before us.

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  14. by   vandeurnat2
    Well they didn't send anything through my uwg e-mail. Totally stressing now I graduated from there in the spring with a BS Biology and went on to grad school elsewhere but hated it. So am technically a "returning student", they conditionally accepted me back while waiting on my transcripts which were confirmed to be received the beginning of Jan... still waiting for the "official" letter of acceptance back in to UWG. Have a 3.79 undergrad gpa. So I feel like I have a decent chance of acceptance, but now I'm freaking out that there's a kink somewhere. Thank goodness you started this forum lol.