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Hi, I was hoping to see if there was anyone here who isapplying to UWG for 2013? I have just submitted my application. What do youthink of their new requirements?... Read More

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    I applied to West ga. But What is the cheapest and easiest schools to get the CNA class?

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    I am not sure there is a really cheap CNA class, I paid about 750.00 for my class that includes the state exam. It is close to my house, and has night classes and saturday clinicals. I live in Paulding County, If that is close to where you are let me know I will give you the info.
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    No, it is not close to me. Because i live in Morrow
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    I live in Decatur, and I will be attending Covenant CNA school by Emory hospital downtown. I start January 26th and I will be taking weekend classes. The course is $600 all together but they allow payment plans. Idk if they have closed registration or not, but you should probably call up there and check it out.
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    Thank you. Do you have their number?
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    I don't have it saved... But if you google Covenant CNA school it'll be like the first option... All blue background on the homepage.
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    thanks a lot. got it
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    I want to talk to someone in the program actually..
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    does anyone know anything about kaplan entrance test?
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    @nclarel, I have applied to UWG as well and I will be attending the CNA training over at Covenant CNA school. The cost is $600 and it is an accredited program. Here is the website They are a really easy program and their pass rate is 100%.

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