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So I am trying to get into gwinnett techs fall of 2013 class and i just wanted to start a forum for us to support each other and for info. I still have a couple pre reqs to take but im hoping to do well! Good luck everyone... Read More

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    Quote from Divalosity12
    I like how we communicate with each other and encourage one another. This really does help with the stress and tension...but lets let this be a "good" form of stress! Best of luck to everyone and thanks for the encouragement 77!
    It's a rare thing now'adays. There are times where the only encouragement you have is your self. Takes a strong mind!
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    Hi everbody
    My name is Laatra. I'm new to GTC. I took all my prerequisites at GPC.
    Now I transferred to GTC, and I'm taking Intro to Computers.
    I received my letter yesterday. Now I'm so anxious and stressed.
    I don't know where to start I have the book, but I heard that it is not enough can you please give advices to your Innocent poor friend Laatra? )).
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    Hi 77 Thank you for you kind wording!
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    Hi Lady
    Bravo for your excellent GPA. I know it takes a hard work to make it 4. My GPA is 4 too. Now let's wait for the Kaplan exam I'm optimistic about it! Do you know what is the minimum accepted score?
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    Hi , i transfered from gpc as well and i got my letter yesterday. Im studying The national legue for nursing review guide for rn pre entrance exam. It was recommended by one of our collegues in this forum who is now in the program at gtc. Hope it helps.
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    Received my letter today, check your mailbox. Received it in the mail, not e-mail. I been checking both daily for the past week.
    One step down, now time to study for the test. Good luck, everyone!
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    Hi Keepfinger.. I appreciate your insight! thank you! Then we are two here transferring from GPC!!
    did you find the other book beneficial? where can I buy it?? and which edition is the most accurate? Thank you in advance
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    Good luck to you too Granstudent! we may all meet this upcoming Fall at GTC!
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    That is really true. However helping each other will benefit all of us. I believe in this philosophy:"Whatever you do good or bad, comes back to you soon or late!".
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    Hi Laatra, I'm using the 3rd Edition. I actually checked it out from GPC library, so u might try that as well,or you can buy it from Barnes and Noble bookstore. Yes, it is very beneficial.

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