So Frustrated!!

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    Ugh! I took the TEAS for the second time this past weekend, and only improved my score from a 71.3% to a 75.3%! The first time I did little to no studying, the second time I studied for like 5 weeks. I just don't get why I can't do well on this test.

    I am currently enrolled at GSU to finish up some pre-reqs with the hope that I would be accepted to their ACE program in spring 2013, but with that score there is no way I will get accepted above all the other applicants.

    I am beginning to think I am trying for the wrong career My husband says I should retake it, but the deadline for the applications is Oct. 1st. I am at a total loss... should I submit my application with that low of a TEAS score?

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    Are you only allowed so many times to take the TEAS. Like my school has rules. You can take the TEAS 2 times in a calendar year, at least 30 days apart from each other.
    If you are able to take it again I would. I go to a community college and 80% seems to be the competitive score...

    What did you use to study? The first time I took it I got a 64.5% but after getting the ATI study guide and using it all the time for a month I scored am 80.7%.
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    It does not appear that I am limited to the amount of time I can take it. I will be retaking it on Sept. 14! Here goes nothing!!
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    Quote from jenbrewington
    It does not appear that I am limited to the amount of time I can take it. I will be retaking it on Sept. 14! Here goes nothing!!
    Good luck to you!!! Keep updates with how you do. Or if you have any questions you can always PM me.
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    What are you using for a study guide?

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    I have used a couple of the McGraw Hill books. This time around, I have a Chemistry textbook, biology textbook, and A & P textbook. I am going to start there
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    Good luck! GSU is competitive, but there's no limit (as far as I know) on how many times you can attempt the TEAS. Wishing you the best
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    jenbrewington--Get the study guide that ATI offers. I used their study guide and then purchased the two online practice assessments that are offered. Using nothing else, I was able to make a 94.

    Best of luck to you!!!

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    Yea I debated it for sure! The problem I have is the cost because I have already spent $210 on the testing itself.

    Here again, had I bought the book initially I might have saved myself some money anyway! Thanks for all the feedback

    I don't suppose someone has the book that they want to sell for cheap????
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    If I still had mine, I'd give it to you, but I gave it away after receiving my test score early last year.

    I understand what you are saying--there is nothing cheap about any of this. Just wait until you get accepted. The cost of books, uniforms, lab pack, and all the other stuff that you need prior to A1 is outrageous. Thankfully you never have to cough up nearly that much money again for the remainder of the program.


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