Rockdale Medical Center, Conyers Hospital, Lifepoint Facility

  1. Would love any information on Rockdale medical center in Conyers, especially the ICU or Tele floor.
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  3. by   Marshall1
    Always hear positive about Rockdale.
  4. by   transducen
    Thanks, anybody else????
  5. by   astronomia
    I am a volunteer at Newton Medical Center, which isn't too far from Rockdale, and I have heard many patients prefer Rockdale. My grandmother has lung cancer and often goes to Rockdale for procedures because she prefers it to Newton and even Atlanta-area hospitals. I know a RN and phlebotomist who work for Rockdale and both are very happy with their environment. Sorry I can't say much else about it!
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  7. by   AR11RN, BSN
    Does anyone know the starting pay for new grad nurses at Rockdale Medical Center?
  8. by   bravera
    Rockdale is 21-23 base pay depending on the unit from what I've heard
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  9. by   AR11RN, BSN
    Quote from bravera
    Rockdale is 21-23 base pay depending on the unit from what I've heard
    Thank you! Do you know anything about the med/tele floor? I am interviewing for that unit and would like to know a little about it prior to going?
  10. by   bravera
    I believe the nurse-patient ratio on the floor is around 5:1, but I've seen it as bad as 7:1. It's in the older part of the hospital if I recall correctly, so the rooms are a little bit of a tight squeeze. I think the floor also does oncology patients. Other than that, I don't really know much. Sorry! Piedmont is in the process of taking over, so things are changing a lot.
  11. by   AR11RN, BSN
    Med/tele is in the main building on the second floor. I didn't get to tour the floor yet, but I hope it doesn't look too bad. I did get hired there and accepted the position btw! Thanks for your help.