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Questions about CCGA's ADN program

  1. 0 Hi guys! I am a little confused about CCGA in Brunswick. I've been calling for a few days and leaving voicemails. I only just now was able to get an answer. She told me that they make you take an entire year of Core classes before entering the ASN/ADN program. So I asked, "So you mean an Associate's Degree with you guys is going to take me 3 years?" The woman said yes. Then she reiterated that I needed to speak to an advisor, which I've been trying to do. So my questions to you all are:

    1) Is, to your knowledge and/or experience, she correct about an ASN/ADN taking 3 years with them?


    2) Is is always so darned hard to reach someone when you have questions and/or issues?

    I've heard great things about CCGA but I'm getting an awfully bad experience right now.
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    All ADN programs I have seen require at least 1 year of pre-reqs before beginning the program.
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    It's amazing how things differ from State to State. I'm in Ohio and things are way different in my area. I think I'll be going straight for BSN instead. Thanks for the feedback though!
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    The ASN program itself takes four semesters, so it all depends how long you will take to complete your cores. A lot of students begin the 2 year program & take the other required cores (Micro, Probability & Statistics, etc.) for the BSN at the same time. Therefore, when they graduate, they can jump right in.

    Regarding the length of time it takes to reach an advisor, it is a lot easier via e-mail. I make appointments with the secretary of the Nursing Department & that way I know I have the advisor's time & attention. So far, they are pretty good to reach. Sorry you had a tough time :/. Good luck!!
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    Thanks for the advice. As it turns out, we probably wont be moving back to GA after all, but your reply is really appreciated. Thanks again!