Nursing Students/Post Nursing Students in Georgia.

  1. 0 Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! I currently attend Georgia Perimeter College-Decatur/Clarkston campus & Im trying to look at different nursing schools in Ga (specifically schools that offer B.S.N programs). I need to know:
    1) GPA you got in with/GPA the school requires. Do they focus on overall GPA or the core GPA for nursing?
    2) What school you attend/attended
    3) What was your first semester like & nursing scheduling throughout the program. How difficult/challenging is it?
    4) personal likes & dislikes of the program
    5) TEAS test scores required/what was your score?
    6) Any special requirement (such as references/recommendations, CNA,training, ect)
    I know its ALOT (sry-lol). Thanks in advance for your responses!!!!

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