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Nursing schools

  1. 0 Hey anyone who went or willing to go or going right now to KSU or CSU I dont know which nursing school I want to go or better any suggestions?? What about GSU?
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    I know that KU has a really good nursing program.
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    I completed 36 credit hours at KSU as a pre nursing student but did not apply because of my TEAS V scores (too low).

    They get nearly 1000 applicants per semester, sometimes less. They take advanced students and normal students about 130 combined out of the 800-1000 applicants. They offer a TEAS prep class in their continuing ed department that I DIDN'T take advantage of and should have.

    Great BSRN program just one of the most competitive nursing programs to get into. Only a handful of 4 year programs to apply to.
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    I know KSU and CSU and Georgia Southern is great schools but which one should I pick to go? any concerns?
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    Quote from Irene Wheeler
    I know KSU and CSU and Georgia Southern is great schools but which one should I pick to go? any concerns?
    You should pick the one that's best for you. What is a great school for one person might not be so great for the other. I will also tell you my criteria for schools: Price, NCLEX pass rates, reputation, school requirements(some are just ridiculous IMO), travel time. I also saw that you want to know if all schools have the same pre-reqs requirements. I would say about 90 percent of classes are the same but some have an extra class or two you must take before applying. I suggest that you visit the schools website and look up the required material you must have before applying. GOOD LUCK !
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    Also you may want to apply to more than one nursing school when you are applying it great to have always have 2 backup schools, just incase you dont get into your dream school on the first try. Most people dont want to wait an entire year for the selection process.