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Northside Mother/Baby Intern Interview next week! =) - page 2

I am super excited, yet nervous at the same time! I currently reside in northwest Florida and will be graduating on 5-6-12. I plan on taking NCLEX-RN in June. I've been wanting to move to Atlanta... Read More

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    I am a new grad who got an interview at Emory (a hospital in atlanta) for their new grad program. What were some of the interview questioned you were asked?
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    Copelald thanks for the encouragement!!! After this semester I am going to submit my application for the nursing program!!! It's very competitive but I am looking forward to getting in. I believe that my footsteps are ordered......
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    Did you get the job? If so, how do you like it?
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    Did you ever get the job? How is it turning out? I am going to have my mother baby interview at northside this week. I passed I guess the phone screen interview, then I have the interview with the mom-baby and internship recruiters. Then following that I have a panel interview with the MB unit managers. Yikes! I'm excited but trying not to get too over excited as I have to get through all these interviews.... How was the interview process? What's it like on the floor now? Let me know if you could thank ya much!