need insight(pre-nursing student)/encouragement

  1. 0 I'm currently attending GPC (Georgia Perimeter College) where Im taking my pre-reqs for nursing To those who got accepted into the nursing program (specifically GA residents)...what is your first semester/year like & what to expect from it? What was your GPA, TEAS score, the school you got into, ect. Nursing is something I would like to do...but at times I get worried & doubt if I'll get in, if I'm good enough for it, or is nursing REALLY for me.
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    Some colleges put more weight to your GPA in the pre-regs versus your overall GPA. There are people with 4.0 GPA, I had one of those until recently. However, I was accepted into a nursing program at a 3.5. GPA is important but its not the only thing that colleges look at. Good luck... keep going, think positive and try your best... thats all any of us can do

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