need advice from georgia highlands students! pls help

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    I have a few concerns that I hope someone can help me with. I am currently at Georgia Perimeter completing pre-reqs for nursing. I started at Ga State 10 years ago as a psych major. I was 18 then and didn't take school seriously. I have quite a few W's and C's from back then. I decided that I want to be a nurse and have completed core classes at gwinnett tech and ga perimeter. I recieved a C in A and P II. I have B's and A's in A and P I, microbiology and chemistry. Should I retake A and P II to help my chances of getting in? I can't change my past grades at Ga State but I'm trying hard now to pull my gpa up now. I have A's in human development and communications. Would repeating A and P II be a waste of time and money? How are repeated courses viewed at georgia highlands? I have a feeling the past W's and C's are really going to hurt my chances. I'm hoping to apply for the fall 2012 and want to complete all necessary classes that can help my chances. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    Retaking A&P to get better grade can do nothing but HELP your chances. When applying for the nursing program at GHC they go by a point system and factor in each attempt at the course but I don't know how they even factor in W's. I had a few W's and they weren't even included when they transferred my grades in. Definitely retake it because they are so important. An A or B in the course could make that C or W less of a factor. Plus, if those classes are over 5 years old they won't transfer anyway.
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    retake it and also call the nursing office for advisement