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MIddle Georgia State College (Macon State) - page 7

Any feedback on this school? How you like the program? I know they have consolidated with MGC. Have anyone been excepted with minimum stats? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks... Read More

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    Quote from silien_k
    Is true that when you take the HESI A2 at Middle Georgia State College that they only test you on or look at these certain topics/Subjects: English(Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary & General Knowledge, Grammar), Math, and Critical Thinking?
    Nevermind, I've already found the answer to this question!
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    Quote from Lica05
    I applied to the ASN program for SPG '13. Are you in the program? I was wondering how do they choose what campus for the students since the merge. I am praying I get in....
    Hello I'm interested in applying to the asn program do you have any info? Thanks
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    I'd suggest checking out the program's website.
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    Hey guys! For those of you going to Middle Georgia State, how is the school? The nursing program?
    I was thinking about applying and wanted to get some reviews!
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    zh002, I applied for asn spring 2015. Have you? Or anyone else out there?

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