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I know the application period isn't over until 1 May, but I was just wondering if anyone here applied for the upcoming term. :) I sent in my application last week--don't tell me I'm the only one who has to wait with baited breath... Read More

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    You will fit for scrubs at orientation. They are provided by Mercer--grey with orange trim and a white coat with the school name embroidered on it. Congrats on getting in! Orientation was a little scary, but I love the camaraderie between the rising seniors and the incoming nursing class. The faculty also seems wonderful.

    Edit: the scrubs + coat cost me $84 and some change. I chose the elastic bottoms, but draw string bottoms are more expensive.

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    Thanks for the info and congrats to you too! Wow better take a lot of dough huh!?!
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    No kidding! You also have the option of buying a stethoscope at orientation and will need to pay $8 for your nametag. I didn't buy a stethoscope through the school, but I believe they were around $110? I bought mine online for $80.

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