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I didnt see any thread for this school so thought i start one Just wanted to know is there is anyone applying to MCG/GHSU summer 2012 and/or attending the school at the moment to give inputs about the school I'm currently... Read More

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    I am waiting to hear about the CNL program. I applied, but it still doesn't look like decisions have been made.

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    I got my acceptance letter for the CNL program on Saturday! Anyone else going to be in the 2012 CNL cohort?
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    Hello-I too have been accepted and there several of us commenting on thread titles "Georgia health science university applicant august12". Come join!
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    Sharzaejones, I am not able to mesage you beacuse i don't have enough postings, but could you email me? I have recently been accepted for this upcoming semester and have a few questions!

    Thanks so much!
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    Has anyone applying to the bsn program
    heard back that was on the waiting list?
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    Hi looks like im a bit late in finding this group! Anyway..I will be starting the Augusta campus in less than a week(soo excited!) Is anyone else staying on campus as well? I don't know anyone in augusta really so if you will be in my class let me know.

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