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    Hello Everybody,

    I received a letter from Kennesaw on Aug. 9th.....and......I've been selected for an interview for the spring 2012 accelerated program. I guess my fourth try was a charm. I really was not expecting this because I've applied three times before and never got selected for an interview. I mentally gave this was a complete surprise. Is there anyone out there that has received a letter? I'm nervous, anxious, and overwhelmed all at the same time. I guess I need to get in touch with the Career Center and schedule a mock interview. Also, I went on the KSU nursing website and saw that they no longer list the Jasper and Rome campuses for the accelerated program. Will they be taught on the Main KSU campus? I started this post because I didn't see any other post for Kennesaw's Spring admission, so if you find one let me know. Good luck to everyone that got a letter.

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    Congrats! If you don't mind sharing what advice did they give you each time and what did you do that helped you get selected this time around? Also, did you get an interview before.

    I am simply wondering because this is my first time interviewing and I am wondering what my chances are of making it through!

    I got an interview for Spring 2012 trad program! It seems there is another thread for accelerated 2012 program too...

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    They didn't give me any advice, all they would say is that I would be selected based on where I rank with all the applicants. I have always been at the cut off "allegedly". I have never interviewed before either. I don't know what they look at, because I know other students that rank higher, and have never been selected for an interview. I'm thinking that maybe the applicant pool has!

    Can you post the link to that discussion, I can't find it!
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    Hey guys,

    I just received a letter for an interview for the Accelerated Program in Spring 2012! YAY! I live in Chicago right now so I wont have a chance to go to the Career Center for a mock interview. Can anyone tell me what kinds of questions they ask during the interview so I can prepare?

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    Hey StarLite1980,

    I'm sorry I have not signed in since that last post and did not check this email account. But I went to get the link to the other thread and saw you were already on there!! lol guess you found it while i was gone, Either way congrats fourth time is a charm!! My mock interview is next week, i'm eager to get this thing rolling. Good luck to everyone once again!
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    I am from the Chicago area! Anyway, there are some other threads on this website that has sample questions. From what I understand, they use behavioral interviews.


    yes I found the thread....finally. I scheduled a mock interview next week also. I can't wait to get this over with and it's only just begun... smh!
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    Yeah I figured the interviews are mostly behavorial, which is good for me! If you are in the Chicago area, where are you doing your mock interview?

    Congrats on your interview. Best of luck and lets all keep in touch!
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    I live in Atlanta now, I was raised in a suburb of Chicago. But if I were you, I would just google behavioral questions and prepare on your own. I've done a behavioral interview before, and got the job. I just haven't worked in a few years so I wanted to do the mock interview to see how I would do.
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    Moved to GA Nursing Programs Discussion forum.
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    Did everyone get a chance to interview? How did everyone feel about it? I think mine went well and hope that I get accepted. Let me know when you guys begin hearing back from Fran!

    Good Luck to everyone!

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