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Just wondering if anyone out there is planning to apply to Kennesaw State for the Fall of 2013. I know the deadline is 3 months away, but I wanted to get a thread started for anyone interested in discussing the process as we go... Read More

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    I got my letter, they didn't even call me for an interview! Told me I should re-apply in June for consideration next year. I don't know what that means. I am very sad but I guess God has another plan for me. I will re-apply in June but also try Emory, Georgia Baptist and Herzing. I just hope the rejection had nothing to do with my 2"W"!

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    I am so sorry to hear that. Did you apply to any other programs this round?
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    I haven't checked my mail. I guess I need too. Ugh.
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    Yup, I guess this means we all should keep up with the mail. If those letters are going out, I would assume that interview letters are as well!
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    Haven't gotten anything yet down here in Columbus.
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    Nothing in my mail from yesterday.
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    Wait, what?! Letters are already going out? I wasn't expecting anything for at least 2 more weeks! I haven't received anything yet, but I will post here when I do.
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    Yes, nk got a letter the other day stating that they should re-apply. So, now it is time to stalk our mailmen lol
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    Nothing in my mailbox yet. Fingers crossed!
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    nkosizindzi I'm so sorry to hear about your letter but definitely keep applying! It sounds like you have great grades and have worked really hard. God bless!

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