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  1. I just applied to Kennesaw State's program for Fall 2011. I thought it would be fun to do a roll call to see who else is out there beginning the waiting game!
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  3. by   bmd513
    hey! I'm applying to the accelerated program for fall of 2011 and I am stressing out like crazy about this waiting game! I'm especially concerned because gpa averages for previously excepted classes aren't posted like they are for Georgia State and other schools. I'm applying from the University of Georgia and haven't taken any pre-reqs at KSU. My overall GPA is a 3.44, GPA for my best 5 or 7 math/science courses is a 3.8, GPA for my best 7 of all the pre-reqs is a 3.96, my TEAS was a 90. (I've heard each of these is supposed weighted about 20% of your admission process, and the last 20% is composed of your interview if you make it that far...) Has anybody heard anything similar?! I wasn't sure if the admissions committee may overlook my overall GPA a bit because I did my undergrad at UGA, so a 3.44 from UGA might look better than a 4.0 and a less established school...? (by the way, def. not trying to knock any other schools with that comment!) I've got 120 hours of hospital volunteer work and RN shadowing as well but I won't even have the opportunity to share that unless I get an interview! oh my gosh, somebody please settle my nerves a bit!
  4. by   Sings&Shoots
    I have heard the same thing about the 5 categories being weighted at 20% each. But there is really no way you can know what you are up against unless you can see every applicant's GPA's and test scores. I know KSU is extremely competitive. My overall GPA is 3.78, Best of 7 pre-reqs is 4.0, and best 5 of 7 math/science is 3.625. My TEAS score was an 82. I hope I at least get an interview. I've heard of so many people getting bypassed on their first attempt at application. I've also applied to West GA's program so hopefully I'll get in somewhere.
  5. by   fjrobinson44
    Well things look pretty competitive so far. Here are my four factors
    Total GPA = 3.6
    Math/Science 5 of 7 = 3.3 (Yikes!)
    Best 7 of 9 = 3.7
    Teas = 90.7

    Too bad I can't count the A's I'm going to get in Psyc 3305 and Micro!

    Sings&Shots, did you apply to the accelerated program as well?
  6. by   Sings&Shoots
    I did not apply to the accelerated program because I don't have a bachelor's degree already. Your TEAS score is great! Is that from the TEAS V?
  7. by   fjrobinson44
    Thanks. Yes, that is TEAS V.
  8. by   fjrobinson44
    Does anyone know how many spots are available for the traditional and accelerated programs?
  9. by   ugabelle
    Those stats all sound great! I am waiting to hear for summer 2011 and we should know by the beginning of next week. Letters go out on Friday. To give you an idea, They interviewed 60 and will take 40 for the traditional program. The Accelerated program isn't offered in Summer. Plus Traditional students have the option to take summer off if they prefer since it is only 9 weeks vs the 16 weeks. The Traditional program is 5 straight semesters vs. the Accel 4 sequential semesters.

    I have found that you really need to partner with Fran. If you get the interview and I can't imagine why a mock interview with career services. They will tape you and give you feedback. The questions will be similar to that of the interview. Really have a great answer as to why you want to be a nurse and what you influenced you to become one. Don't give the "I want to help people".. The committee is looking for specific examples and not the generic, broad answers. I find a personal experience that maybe happened with a family member or friend is a good way to discuss why you want this...They want something that will set you apart from the rest. The only bad thing is that the mock interviews are only for current and formers students of KSU.

    If you do have a degree, apply for both Traditional and Accelerated. There is only one semester difference in time. Let Fran know and she'll take it into consideration. However, it seems in the past that most with degrees get asked to interview for the accelerated program. With that being said, they seem to take less applicants for the accelerated vs. the traditional program so it becomes extremely competitive. You have to wow them in the interview! You are being ranked against everyone else.

    If you get the interview and for some reason don't get in, don't stress out! You are almost there! They have some many good candidates and very few slots to fill. Make an appt. with Fran and go over what you need to do to make your scores better. She will be very honest with you. It could be something as easy as re-taking your TEAS and nailing the next interview. It's all on a point system so every little thing will help bump you up to the next level. If anyone has C's in any of their sciences, re-take them....they want A's and B's....C's cut it in the past but now it's a different ballgame.

    Best of luck everyone!!! I am right there with you and might be there again if I get bad news next week. If you don't get it the first time, show them you want this!!! they want to see your commitment to getting in!

    I know this is sooo long but I hope this helps in some way!
  10. by   *Peachy*
    Hi, everyone! I applied for the fall accelerated and traditional programs. I am so nervous about hearing any word about the application! From what I can tell from posts on here from previous years, it looks like interview invitations go out some time in early March. I know things vary from year to year, but I hope we hear soon!

    I am really nervous about my overall GPA, but here is where I stand:

    overall GPA: 3.3 (I think, I went to about 4 different schools)
    math/science 5 of 7: 3.6
    best 7 of 9: 3.86
    TEAS V: 91.3

    Thanks ugabelle for all the info. I can't believe how few they interview. I am sure they get hundreds and hundreds of applications each semester. I wish they took other things like experience and volunteer work into consideration. I have a masters degree, but that will not be taken into consideration at all. I guess I am kind of expecting to not get accepted this time and that I will have to try again for the spring. Until then, I have my fingers crossed!!

    Best of luck to all of you
  11. by   bmd513
    I heard that the acceptance letters for the summer 2011 program are going out in the mail today which means they should be reviewing our applications for Fall in the next few days!!!! Hopefully we'll get some news about interviews in the next 3 weeks or so!!!
  12. by   fjrobinson44
    Fran told me we should hear back by April 1.
  13. by   bmd513
    did she mean april 1st for the interview letters or for acceptance? that seems really late! I thought the interviews usually took place mid to late march and decisions were usually made by mid april...?
  14. by   fjrobinson44
    Yeah, I asked specifically, because that's what I thought too. She said April 1 for interview letters.

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