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Hello, is there anyone out there that has applied for KSU's BSN program for Fall 2012? I know it is really early and the deadline isn't until Jan. 31, 2012, but just wanted to see if anyone will be playing the waiting game... Read More

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    Quote from hellenvn
    The letter has two sheets: one with congratulations and some guides. Other is the acceptance contract. I will have to fill and mail the later one out by April 30. My GPA is 3.65 and Teas is 85%. Thanks so much and good luck to you.
    I think chichi023 meant to ask....Will the letter be in a regular size envelope, or the big A4 size one?

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    Per chichi023, will the letter come in a regular size small envelope or the big A4 one?...
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    Got my acceptance letter for the accelerated program today! I'd absolutely looove to attend the program, but I'm still deciding between basically Kennesaw and Mercer because of location..
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    The letter came in a regular size envelope.
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    Hello Chichi023,
    My overall GPA was a 3.91 and I got an 81.3 on the TEAS! The letter came in a regular size envelope and it only had two sheets of paper in it!
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    Quote from Brazilian nurse
    The letter came in a regular size envelope.
    ...and thanks for answering per envelope size... It's good to know what one's looking out for! may sound petty,but guess it takes away some dread factor.. a foreshadowing alert of sorts!
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    I got accepted too! I had found out at work when I was checking my email! I plan to go there.
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    Anyone on a standby? I am and I didn't hear about anyone who didn't get accepted after the interview this semester.
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    I'm on standby. Hopefully we will get pulled from the standby list but I doubt it because I've heard from a lot of people that they never get called. Trying to keep my hopes up though
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    I applied for the traditional program. I just emailed Fran today that I'll be giving up my seat. So, who knows, you might get a call back after all Keep you head up and never give up.

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