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It seems way early to be posting this, but the application deadline actually isn't too far away. Is anyone else applying to KSU for spring 2013 admission? I've requested to be considered for the traditional and accelerated... Read More

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    Yes triciah2005, it's Kathy - I'll look for you! I'll be the old lady (mid-30s) with short red hair.

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    Mid thirties are the new early twenties! I'm the semi-old (29) Tall, chunky girl with shoulder length brown hair and a purple and gray backpack See you tomorrow!
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    Has anyone heard anything???? It's almost the end of August here and I have heard nothing. I'm growing so anxious to find out.
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    Nope. Right there with you. I eagerly await a letter and at the same time, fear it.
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    Thanks for the response, Contenta. It's nice to know I'm not alone in this madness. I actually don't know anyone else waiting for a response. My two KSU buddies have already been accepted and have just started their first semester. I've finished all pre-requisites and am taking fall semester off. I keep asking my friends to stop in and bug Fran and/or Sandi for me but they haven't yet. The last email I sent to Fran about it got no response and usually she responds within the hour =/.
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    I stopped in the office last Friday and s.p. said they were finishing up the last of the applications and that we would hear something in two to three weeks at the latest. I may die from the anxiety of not knowing before then though.
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    Thanks for the info, Pleigh! I'm trying not to drive myself crazy, but when you've been waiting so long for something, it's hard not to consume yourself with it! Nutrizun, I also sent Fran an email two days ago and never heard back from her : / Maybe they are ignoring us from now on since they are getting ready to send out the letters?!? It's only a matter of time now I'm cautiously optimistic! Here's to finding out soon!
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    Ugh. The wait is forever. I'm trying to keep myself occupied with other things, but it's in the back of my head all the time. I've psyched myself out to the point that I'm sure I didn't get in. I understand now why, when I read other threads from other semesters, people just started saying I don't even care if I got in or not, just tell me something!!
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    I see that we are all very nervous. I cannot wait to hear from the department, but in the same time I am very frightened. I have all my prerequisites done, and I was thinking about retaking some of them to make As instead of Bs I have, but I let that idea go. They would not see the improved grades anyway for this Spring term. I am taking only couple of classes on Friday, so I will probably work half time. How is your situation. Is anyone working while going to school? Did any of you take any CLEP exam? How was it?
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    Someone who hasn't yet emailed Fran should totally bug her for us! LOL I have emailed her 3-4 times now so I think she's done with me. I think Sandi says 2-3 weeks from last week and Fran says by the end of August so I wonder which one is exaggerating. So much rides on whether or not I get in. I plan on quitting my job or having a big talk with my boss about planning for the changes of my getting into the accelerated program, if I do. I just wish I could know what the future holds already! I imagine much of you are in the same boat. Please post on this thread as soon as someone gets some kind of notification. Good luck to you all!
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