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It seems way early to be posting this, but the application deadline actually isn't too far away. Is anyone else applying to KSU for spring 2013 admission? I've requested to be considered for the traditional and accelerated... Read More

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    Did anybody else get this email? I got an interview letter but did not get an email. Makes me worry that they have my email incorrect. I don't want to miss any potentially important communications.

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    it was in KSU email. do you have it set up to forward to your personal email? You have to go in and check the school email if not.
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    I am very excited to have received my KSU letter for an interview too. I received that email too in my KSU email about incorrect dates but my letter had the correct dates on mine. I have already signed up for my mock interview and my real interview. Now just waiting for the days to pass by, lol. Crossing my fingers to get in there and good luck to us all!!! :redpinkhe
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    I got a letter and the email. It seemed to be written to a selection of us, not the whole group - it said "You may be one of the students invited to interview that received the wrong dates..." so that may be why you didn't get one. Did you get one from before that from Sandi or Fran saying that the Owl express would be down this weekend?
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    I just checked student email. I had not checked the KSU account until this morning. (I'm not a currently enrolled student)
    I didn't get anything about incorrect dates but I did get the email about the site being down. I had already signed up for an interview. I jumped on that the first news I got that it is was open
    I'll be sure to check that account from now on.
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    Had my mock interview yesterday. It was very informative. Has anyone heard how many interview letters went out and how many spots there are for spring 2013? The receptionist said there were only 85 spots for both the accelerated and traditional total! And that he thought approximately 100 interview letters were sent. But then the guy who did my interview said he thought it was 120 spots and 150 letters. Has anyone heard Fitch numbers from s.p. or f.h.? Also he said the interviews were done by faculty and not by the advisors or career center.
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    *"fitch numbers" was supposed to be "any numbers" not sure how that happened
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    I have been wondering that myself and have emailed both Fran and Sandi about it and neither has responded. I was looking at the amount of interview slots and I think I counted 70 if the interviews do indeed end with 3:30pm being the last slot. But that seems very small so I must be missing some numbers. I don't remember what the very last time slot was when I first signed when there were tons more left. Now there are barely any left. Sandi did tell me on 1/30/12 they let in a total of 120 in the spring and 110 in the fall. I have heard before that they interview about 150 for spring, too. I wish I had all the true and correct info.
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    Hi Pleigh33! Is there any general info about interviewing that you found helpful that you can share? I was not able to sign up for the mock interview. I am so nervous because I am horrible at interviewing and I just want to make sure I do not make any silly mistakes. Thanks!
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    When I interviewed the last semester there was two more girls for the same time. 120 students started nursing program the last semester (for accelerated and traditional together). 80 was for traditional program and 40 for accelerated program. Someone said on this blog earlier that they are accepting more people this time around. It would make sense to me because they are interviewing on Friday too, and that was not the case the last time.

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