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It seems way early to be posting this, but the application deadline actually isn't too far away. Is anyone else applying to KSU for spring 2013 admission? I've requested to be considered for the... Read More

  1. by   amytaylor87
    Just got my letter, and I got in!!!!!!!!
  2. by   rachfog
    long time lurker here.

    just out of curiosity, what are the stats of everyone who did and did not get in?
  3. by   yodagirljvc
    Finally got my letter and I'm IN!!!
  4. by   crjohnson10210

    I'm not sure if anyone answered your post....I haven't gotten to the more recent pages, but I have a little advice! If you want to do BSN- I strongly suggest Kennesaw State University. They are one of the top programs in the state and definitely the one of the most inexpensive. I also got into Emory, which is an amazing school, but going $80,000 in debt for a bachelor's is a little ridiculous. Mercer also has a great nursing program. I'm sure there are others, but those are the 3 I checked into!
  5. by   crjohnson10210
    Congratulations to all the new accepted students!!! I can't wait to meet you all at orientation!

    To those of you who were rejected or put on standby- don't lose faith! Like I said in an earlier post, someone got accepted the day before orientation! There is still hope. The program is super competitive, so you should be so proud you were one of the 10% that got an interview! Also- persistance will look good on your part, so apply again and do something to increase your chances in the meantime.

    I strongly encourage all of you to sign up to go to the GANS convention in Atlanta next weekend- it is going to be such a great experience! Chances to network and amazing break out sessions!

    Message me with any questions or concerns you may have!
  6. by   crjohnson10210
    We are working on getting you guys your own facebook page-

    It will be up after the decision deadline has passed! Be on the lookout after that date!

    When did your letter say your decision had to be made by?
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  7. by   bcardon
    We have to have our acceptance contracted filled out and returned by October 26th. This has to be mailed back to Fran in the Nursing Office.
  8. by   racquel30
    Congrats to everyone who has been accepted so far! But is there anyone else out there who hasn't received their letter yet?
  9. by   amytaylor87
    Hey rachfog I got in and my teas test was a 70%, all A's on science/math except for one B, overall GPA is 3.76. Those who didn't get in don't give up because i didn't think i would even get an interview because my teas test was so low.
  10. by   uga_belle
    Hey All!
    Congratulations to all those who are getting acceptance letters! It has been a long road coming and we know the relief and elation you are feeling! My name is Heather and I am the SNA President and I want to welcome you to Nursing School! It will be here before you know it!

    I encourage you to go onto Kennesaw State University Student Nurse Association for our website and to go to our Students Nurses Association Page at

    After everyone officially accepts, we will create FB page for you class and the Board can get you ready because you will have lots of questions. Just remember to take it one day at a time! Enjoy these last few months because you will hit the ground running.

    Congrats and Welcome!


    Heather Woodall
    KSU SNA President
    Breakthrough to Nursing Director-GANS
  11. by   Redtrain
    Hi everyone,

    I would like to congratulate to everyone who got into their programs.
    I have not posted here for a long time, but today I got my acceptance letter to the traditional program, and I wanted to share the good news. It is strange, but I feel tired. I should be feeling some excitment or something.
    Well, maybe I feel this way because of all the stress I have gone through until this evening when I finally had THE LETTER in my hand.

    I would like to encourage those of you who did not get in this time. I remember, I almost gave up at the very begining because I did not believe in myself that I can do this.
    I started my prereqs nearly three years ago. I remember sitting in class during my very first A&P lecture. I also remember how I felt after it was over. I am from Hungary, English is my third language so you can imagine.. I drove home after lecture and I broke down, I was in tears. I thought I will never be able to get through that class, simply because I thought my English was not good enough for that. I thought that I did not have a chance.. Well, after a lot of hard work, I proved myself otherwise!
    You just have to believe in yourself and focus and do your best!!
    Now, I feel better.. I think it started to sink in.. Wow, what an opportunity we, who made it in, all have. KSU is an excellent school, and I feel very fortunate to be a part of their nursing program.
    I can not wait to meet everyone at orientation!
  12. by   rachfog
    Quote from amytaylor87
    Hey rachfog I got in and my teas test was a 70%, all A's on science/math except for one B, overall GPA is 3.76. Those who didn't get in don't give up because i didn't think i would even get an interview because my teas test was so low.
    wow! you give me a bit of hope!

    anyone else?
  13. by   tardisdawg
    Rachfog, I got an 87 on the TEAS, A's and B's for the prereq courses, and an overall GPA of 3.23 (with a Bachelor's in biology from UGA). I seriously thought my low GPA would be a problem for the accelerated program, but I'm glad I was wrong!

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