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It seems way early to be posting this, but the application deadline actually isn't too far away. Is anyone else applying to KSU for spring 2013 admission? I've requested to be considered for the... Read More

  1. by   Contenta

    I went to the aha website and did a search for courses
    I found a basic life support for healthcare providers at north metro tech campus on November 15th 9am-1:30pm.
  2. by   racquel30
    I would like to get my CPR certification as well. It would be nice to go ahead and get some things out of the way and get to know everyone
  3. by   KSUBioGrad
    hey guys!! congrats to everyone on getting interviews. I started the accelerated program in August and would be happy to answer questions to the best of my ability
  4. by   wisdomhunter
    I looked at the class that Contenda found at North Metro, and it seems like it would work well for me. It's $55 for the class, Nov. 15th from 9-1. Would that work for any of you? I think I'll go ahead and sign up before it fills. Anybody care to join me?
  5. by   alwaystheoptimist
    I am going to do the class on Oct 20. I work m-f so I wouldn't be able to make that class
  6. by   triciah2005
    Andrea, I can't do M-F either, so maybe I can do the Oct. 20th class with you!
  7. by   triciah2005
    Btw KSU Nursing Hopefuls, I emailed Sandi a bit ago and bothered her and this is what she said:

    "I'm hoping we'll get the letters out sometime by the week of Oct 8, but can't guarantee it. We have a Career Fair on Oct 1st that we're having to prepare for also and there are only so many hours in a day. We're doing our best!! Take care - "

    That's just a little more than two weeks....Not so bad!!!
  8. by   triciah2005
    Ok, sorry to blow up this board, but I was just checking out the aha website and saw that they offer an online BLS for healthcare providers online course for $22. They said it's about two hours. Not bad and cheaper than the actual class. Maybe good for those who can't get away from work or are on a budget???
  9. by   crjohnson10210
    Hey y'all- once you are accepted, you will get a list of instructors that have CPR classes in the area if you want to wait to sign up for one of those classes instead. I heard they are all really good and I think some may even be clinical instructors that you may have at some point during the program.
  10. by   KSUBioGrad
    @triciah, I would check to make sure the online class is acceptable. I don't think it would be a problem but I would just double check since they are pretty specific about requirements.
  11. by   mhuskic
    I know it is a bit too early to even think about this, but I will probably be commuting to class from Lawrenceville, so if there is anyone in the surrounding area that is thinking about doing the same, please contact me on here. Also, if anyone has any advice about commuting (like is it even a good idea), please share . Thanks a lot!
  12. by   DevotedNurse07
    Hi mhuskic,

    I'm in Norcross, i'll be glad to do a ride share. Like you said it might be too early, but we are keeping our fingers crossed.
  13. by   amytaylor87
    i feel like I have been waiting for a month to find out, and it has only been two days that they have probably actually only been working on it for two days lol. Oh goodness, heres to finding out sooner than later.

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