Kennesaw Spring 2013 applicants - page 2

It seems way early to be posting this, but the application deadline actually isn't too far away. Is anyone else applying to KSU for spring 2013 admission? I've requested to be considered for the... Read More

  1. by   triciah2005
    I heard September...seems worlds away!
  2. by   Pleigh33
    Wow! That seems like worlds away indeed.
  3. by   nursingstudent2458
    September is when you get the interview. I was told that we find out about our status mid to late July.
  4. by   Pleigh33
    Thanks for posting! That is a huge improvement from finding out in September.
  5. by   Contenta
    So, today's the deadline. Now the real wait begins. I'm so nervous. I hope KSU sends the letters sooner than later. If it's a NO, I would like to get the disappointment over with and move on to plan C.
  6. by   triciah2005
    I agree...I've worked so hard for this...and this is my plan...there is no plan b! I want to go to KSU!! What were you stats, Contenta?
  7. by   Contenta
    I unfortunately have low GPA values. : ( I made a lot of “B’s” while completing my first Bachelors over 15 years ago. My M/S GPA is 3.4, overall prerequicite is 3.4 and best 7/12 is 3.68. I still have micro and intro to sociology to complete this fall. My only hope is I did well on the TEAS. I made a 93. I hope the higher TEAS will balance the lower GPA’s and get me high enough to make the cut off score to get an interview. Everyone seems to have so much higher GPA’s then myself. All I can do at this point is wait!!!
  8. by   triciah2005
    Your GPA's are not bad at all....when you said they were low I though you would say a lot lower! My overall gpa is 3.6, Math/Science is 3.8 and best 7/12 is 3.86. I only got an 84 on the teas, but I heard that as long as you got over an 80, you've got a chance! I'm hoping for the best! I will be so sad if I don't get in
  9. by   Contenta
    I too will just be heart broken. But, I have ready decided I will only allow myself one good cry and then I will apply to a ADN program, Bridge to BSN. Such the much longer route. But, if I don't get accepted to KSU, I don't have any other choice. (I'm not even allowing myself to consider what I will do if I'm not accepted to a ADN (I also have a masters degree and it seems so strange going in reverse, degree wise. I just keeping my fingers crossed. Hope we will be in school together come this January
  10. by   Contenta
    Ok. So how many people think we are going to hear anything in the next two weeks? Last year it was in August BUT the deadline last year was May 31 not June 30th; a whole month earlier! Maybe they have the system more automated and can rank our scores faster. One can only hope
  11. by   Pleigh33
    At orientation they said it would be mid August. I am about to explode I want to know so badly.
  12. by   kcozonac
    I called today... They said they haven't even started looking at the spring applicants yet. I guess I can stop spying on the mail man for a while!
  13. by   racquel30
    I expected it would probably be later since they moved the deadline back an entire month!! On the positive side mid-August is only a month away!!