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It seems way early to be posting this, but the application deadline actually isn't too far away. Is anyone else applying to KSU for spring 2013 admission? I've requested to be considered for the... Read More

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    I didn't get a letter either. I feel like most of us have similar gpas and teas scores so I'm going by the letter. Hopefully it comes tomorrow
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    The mail just came, and there was no envelope. Hoping it's just that they didn't get out of the mailroom on time for being in the mail today. I live close to campus also, so I'm in the same boat as triciah2005. Another nerve-wracking day ahead...
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    Mine also shows the same on owl express, that i haven't been pre-selected . There was nothing in the mail today and I live about 2 hours north of campus and am extremely worried because if those of you who live close to campus didn't get yours today it might be two more days before I get mine!! I don't think I can take it anymore! My stats are about the same as everyone else's 3.85 GPA, 85 on teas, I really hope i get in, I just can't take much more of this waiting thing!!
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    I wish they would also notify us via email! Why don't they?!
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    Because they like watching us squirm!
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    Quote from WhiteSnoopy
    trixjones were you able to reserve the time for your interview? Did you sign up?
    I'm getting an error message when I attempt to sign up. The suspense is killing me!
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    Do they send a letter either way? Or will we know if we see an envelope that it's good news?
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    Yes, you will get the letter either way. Did you look on your Owl Express?
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    Quote from trixjones
    I'm getting an error message when I attempt to sign up. The suspense is killing me!
    What were your stats? Trying to see how mine measure up since its supposedly all grades for the first round.
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    I have checked a million times, yes! :{ Nothing changed. But I'm taking heart that so many others haven't seen anything change either, and that the school is saying to go by the letters. I almost killed the mail lady today to see, and there was nothing. Ugh.
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    My mail came around 12:30 today, so hopefully it will come that early tomorrow! I think if it comes I will probably just stare at it for a while....Ah! My mom mails me stuff from Chicago sometimes, and it usually takes 3 to 4 days to get here, so from Kennesaw to Roswell shouldn't take more than two days, absolute max! What if it got lost in the mail! Wouldn't you just die!
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    My mom works at a post office so she can look and see if I have anything first thing in the morning around 8ish. So if I find out anything I will let everyone know Hopefully it will be good news, I'm so tired of the suspense!
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    Racquel, any news???