How much a RN teaching Cna course get paid in GA

  1. I am planning to move and would have Cna and Medical assistant teaching experience. Would like to know what is the pay scale there?
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  3. by   Marshall1
    You would need to contact the schools that offer these programs and see if they are hiring. You would also check for salary info though I'm not sure how accurate it is. Most CNA/MA classes are offered through technical schools here, some LTC facilities offer CNA certification and that's usually taught by their own employees.
  4. by   Nurserton
    I actually recently saw some listings for CNA and CPR/1st aid with Red Cross in the greater Atlanta area. Not sure of pay scale but you can try checking Welcome to -
  5. by   kuntanya
    Thanks guys but salary website i dont believe i think some of them are inflated.
  6. by   Nurserton
    The Red Cross listings I saw actually had the hourly range listed. It wasn't all that but it wasn't terrible... I don't remember what it was though. Now that I think about it though, that was for CPR/1st aid instructor. The GA dept of labor site had some CNA instructor listings but I don't see them anymore. I think I bookmarked them, when I'm home tomorrow I'l look in my laptop and see if I have the links for the job ads if they're still up. And I'm sure teaching a CNA classs is not comparable to teaching a nursing class as far as salary, which is all I saw listed on (along with a bunch of other non CNA instuctor jobs).