Herzing University-Atlanta...new BSN Program

  1. 0 Has anyone heard anything about Herzing University's Nursing Program.....particularly here in Atlanta? I know they have one in Florida and Winsconsin.
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    It's sound pretty interesting.
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    yeah...I'm going to the informational on Monday, program starts in January
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    I'm going to the information session on monday too.
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    Hey! I am also going to the information session Monday to check it out!
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    Hey! ill be there monday as well. i believe the morning session. they updated there site recently bc last time i checked the atl campus didnt mention the nursing program, now it has alot of info and im receiving emails. I am so applying for this BSN program this would be a miracle seeing that all the prereqs are in the programs.I beleive the first class ever starts january or september according to a email i received.
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    i didnt know they had a morning session. The only time I see for monday is 6pm
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    Yeah I only saw 6pm as well. So the program starts in January for the spring semster right? and Do we have to have all of those core classes specifically I wonder?(I have all of my core classes done which apply for most nursing programs but they are not the exact same ones as the website for Herzing)
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    yeah im worried that all my classes wont transfer and how long is the program going to be if you have taken all of your prereqs.
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    same here..I am tired of taking pre reqs, so I hope they don't say I need anything else before starting the program! lol and yeah I know I don't know how long it is either, it said like 8 semesters or something on the website, but maybe it is only really 4 if you have all of the pre reqs completed..I guess we will find out tomorrow! What other schools is everyone else applying for? I am applying to Clayton State, Piedmont, MCG, and West GA
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    i am applying to west ga technical college and georgia highlands. I went to bauder college's info session but they didnt even know when a new nursing class would start so I was very skeptical about them.
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    Ohh yeah I saw the forum about Bauder, but that program is not a BSN program right? But Herzing is a bachelors degree? Also, I wonder what TEAS score they are going to require..
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    I dont know but I took the teas 5 already and I got a 77.

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