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  1. I've searched on here but maybe I'm not searching correctly because I can only find responses for other states..I'm interested in opinions of HCA in Georgia. I am very hesitant to accept a position with them but the HR person keeps calling and trying to convince me that it's a great place/company but the majority of what I read on here and other places it seems that is not the case and most people are unhappy, there is high turn over, etc..I have another option besides this offer but it's not in a hospital setting. Feel free to PM me if you don't want to leave a rsponse for all to see.
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  3. by   kalanel5
    I have never worked as a staff nurse for the company but when I work there as an agency nurse it is awful. The times that I have worked, there would be one staff nurse and the rest of the nurses working we're agency just because they can't keep staff. They want to keep the beds full regardless of if there is enough staff. They also expect you to have everything done when they overwhelm you with admissions and discharges. I have heard of times where my fellow agency nurse was called to come in and offered a great pay incentive but when they got there they had 9 patients. They pay well but they often put their nurses in unsafe situations. For this reason even knowing I will be paid more hasn't propelled me to go back. They call everyday too, that in its self tells me if I accepted a shift more than likely it would be bad.

    I would say keep looking