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Hey guys I have to take my kaplan exam next week thursday! :( yeaaaa freaking out! how was the exam for those that already took it?... Read More

  1. by   PresidentJenniferGTC
    HI METOYOU! CONGRATULATIONS ON MAKING IT INTO THIS AMAZING PROGRAM! Well, in fundamentals, you are at school 3 or 4 days a week. if you have checkoffs, you will be at the school 4, but primarily, it will be two days of lecture (one day for fundamentals and one for pharmacology) and then one day of lab. After about a 6 weeks (in October) you will start clinicals, most likely going into Geriatrics first. So in the first 6-8 weeks, you wont have clinicals. In regards to books, I can only speak for myself and although i have an nclex book (Saunders), I have yet to really use it as a study tool as yet. I may try and do a couple of things this summer, but your text book and your textbook study book is what is helpful... and of course the powerpoints. You will find that the books they ask you to get is MORE than enough. I think the pharmacology study guide is very helpful and I believe that book was optional, not required for us.
  2. by   Ali2868
    Hi! My name is Alison Flores, and I was also accepted into the Nursing program starting in the fall! I tried to look for the group, but I couldn't find it. Could you add me please? My facebook is under Alison Cole Flores. Thank you and can't wait to meet you girls!
  3. by   kiki69
    Thanks so much for all the information President Jennifer!!! It means a lot that you have taken the time to answer our questions.... I know we hope that we can do the same, this time next year! Also, Congratulations Alison! I added you to our FB group... welcome.

  4. by   PresidentJenniferGTC
    Just wanted to let know whoever is interested that I will be selling my books from first year. I will sell it for less than what you can get from so let me know if anyone is interested! I already bought mine from the graduating class and soooo happy because I saved a good deal. First year books are EXPENSIVE!!! Expect to spend at least $500 for books and supplies. I think I spent about $600 including uniform.
  5. by   PresidentJenniferGTC
    Kiki- please post to the group on your facebook and have them contact me at Thanks!
  6. by   La_La81
    Hello Ladies! I applaud ALL of you in your effort and I hope your journey is going well. I have applied and wish to get into GTC's 2014 program! Yes I am preparing far in advance, but I was hoping that one of you would email the Kaplan Exam study guide to me? I would like to began preparing and studying for this test as I am a HORRIBLE test taker! Thanks in advance to anyone ready and willing!
  7. by   kiki69

    Thanks so much! We all are so excited! I wish there was something we could send you. But there isn't. What most of us did was go buy the Kaplan study guide from the bookstore or studied our A & P notes. The sheets they sent to us in the email didn't have any kind of study guide on there. Just a couple of examples of questions...which is in the book. Good luck to you in getting in! It's so hard but so worth it! Just do the practice questions, I'm a horrible standardized test taker also so I feel you.

    Talk to you later,

  8. by   La_La81
    Thank You Kiki! I will look into purchasing the kaplan study guide. Best of luck to you all : )
  9. by   NeoNatMom
    i didnt hear anything about there being alot of chem, and didnt hear about anything that deals with physics, but this wasnt the same meeting, so maybe thats why, if anyone cld give me an outline on what ms jackson advised, i would greatly appreciate it!
  10. by   NeoNatMom
    hey Kiki. if you don't mind my asking....I am also trying to apply for '14 and was told that the ANP questions/answers are made into some kind of paragraph form. Could you possibly shed some light on how the questions are asked? Thanks!
  11. by   NeoNatMom
    Hey Smith2n! I think we know each other possibly. Did you ever work at a Chich-fil-A???If you did and you are the girl one the left then I do know you
  12. by   NeoNatMom
    When you took the math you didn't mention much of word problems. does that mean there will not be many on the test? I sure hope so because the samples Mrs/Ms Jackson provided were confusing. as far as the tablets with aspirin X grains and stuff of that nature.
  13. by   NeoNatMom
    what was the formula because I would like to see what I need to get to pass by higher than the average of last years students

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