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Anyone heard from Gwinnett Tech yet? I interviewed with them 2 weeks ago and still no word. I have emailed and called there, but no one has returned my calls. Just wanted to know if anyone has... Read More

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    Quote from MissLadi77
    Wow, I'm in the middle of preparing for the Hesi myself,,,, you did a GREAT JOB, congrats, can you tell me how did you prepare do I can receive a great score also
    I meant so,,,opps

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    Pre-nursing Advice:
    If you received a B in your A&P I lecture, but a C in the lab, would you retake the course?
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    Yes I would retake it if you can. The process is very competitive. Now of course if you make A's in the other courses, that C might be ok.
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    hey i just wondered if you make a c in a course and then retake it do they take the higher score or average it into the gpa?
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    Honestly, I am not sure. I never retook a course. Definitely email someone in the once stop office. I do not want to misinform you
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    they used to average, but now the take the higher score, HTH!

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