Gwinnett Medical Center Nurse Residency August 2014

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    I wanted to start a thread for those of us who applied to Gwinnett Residency program. I received an invitation for their new grad open house, which is required to be considered. However, I am from California. Did anyone else apply and receive the invitation?
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    Hi @oopsiedaise

    I received an invitation too. I'm from Delaware and was thinking of travelling to the open house. After reading post I'm not sure now because I saw that there can be as many as 250 people there and it's hard to stand out. I want some more information before I commit to going.
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    Where did you hear about the amount of people going?
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    I did read that. But I figured/hoping that since its been 3 years, they may have improved their system. One of the more recent threads said that they don't invite everyone who applied.
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    Hi guys, when is the open house, I missed the application process but I was just curious. Thank you
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    The meet and greet is this Friday, March 21. I applied mid February.
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    Thanks oopsiedaise. I e mailed The recruiter and she told me that they closed it already. Good luck to you!
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    Anyone heard anything since the open house. I'm really hoping to hear back from the ER!
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    I haven't heard anything yet. When I spoke to a med surg unit, the manager they might start calling back on Wednesday. How was the ER room? I wasn't able to get to ER but I did spend time in critical care as well as medsurg.