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    Hello I am wondering if anyone has/had a nurse externship or New Grad Residency at Gwinnett Medical Center? I am curious as how it is/was and what it is/was like. Anyone mind sharing? What did you like not like about it? Were you able to choose a specific area? Thanks!

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    I did both. I did the externship and am now in the residency program.

    They are both an interview process with the various departments in GMC. The externship was really eye opening to the nursing beyond clinicals in school.

    I also stayed on as a PCT PRN afterward which made becoming a nurse easier and made the last year of clinicals a breeze.

    The nurse residency started with a lot of class time and was worth it.

    I was offered a position in my dept for both the externship and residency, but you can interview with different depts during the residency open house also.
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    Has anyone else applied RN Residency August 2014? I applied last week and have yet to hear anything. I'm also from CA and still waiting for my ATT is that makes any difference
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    Thank you sekishin! I appreciate your response. I hope I get a call to interview with them!
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    I got an invitation to attend their open house next week. I am wondering if the nurses who received the invitation " meet & greet" are selected for the residency program. any input is appreciated .
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    Someone started a thread for those who've applied to GMC's residency program beginning in August. That may be a great place to get answers to your question. ��
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    I also live in CA and I am wondering if you heard from the RN 2014 residency.
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    Quote from TITRITE
    I also live in CA and I am wondering if you heard from the RN 2014 residency.

    I received an invite for the meet and greet next week as well. I also started a new thread about the Gwinnett residency to see if any GA residents applied and can give insight on their process. Are you planning on attending?
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    I am not so sure . I heard that attending the open house is mandatory to be considered for the Residency program. However, if the people who are invited would, for sure get the job , then, definitely ,I would attend the "meet and greet" open house. the tickets from CA to GA are not that cheap!
    How about you are you planning to attend their open house?
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    I most likely will attend. I have family that I can stay with. The 'meet and greet' is invite only so I believe the new grad hires will definitely be picked from those who attend. And it is mandatory to attend to be considered for the position according to the email I received. I think because we were invited, we probably have a good chance. As you probably know, Ca job market is overwhelmed with new grad rns but not enough jobs for them. I think this is a good opportunity for me to start my nursing career. If you dont mind me asking, when did you graduate? I graduated in Jan 2014.

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