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  1. by   kiki69
    Exactly....Kamecee...we think alike!
  2. by   RN_Student14
    @Kiki I realized you and I typed basically the same thing at the same time. Great minds!!
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  3. by   Gtc2013
    Lol.. Thank you ladies, you just made me smile You are right. We just have to wait and hope for the best.. I REALLY hope we make it and hopefully we'll be classmates in August. That would be awesome!I hope I don't go mad waiting! I need to know now!! Lol
  4. by   RN_Student14
    @GTC2012 Trust me, we all feel the same way. I am just praying and focusing on my core classes right now. That's all we can do right now. Have you applied to other schools?
  5. by   Gtc2013
    I haven't.. What about you??
  6. by   metoyou
    I took the Kaplan this morning and scored a 79 My GPA is average so I do not know if that is going to be enough.
  7. by   RN_Student14
    What's your GPA, I have a 3.7 and made a 75. So you actually did well.
  8. by   kiki69
    HI Me!

    That is a great score! Even if you have a mid 3's GPA...remember they both count for 50%.... I got mid seventies and have a 4.0 so I'm sitting right in the middle... Try not to stress over it, k?

  9. by   kiki69
    Does anyone actually know how our scores are calculated? I mean I know they are 50% GPA and 50% Kaplan score but are they converted into points?

  10. by   phrozenone
    I'm almost positive that the GPA and the test scores are converted into a point system. They plug em in...and there you have it....they'll take the top 60 students.
  11. by   metoyou
    I have a 3.5 kamecee, so I was really hoping to get in the 80's.

    Thanks Kiki! I will try not to stress, but I don't know if I will be able to stick to it, haha! I wish I knew how they assigned the points in the 50/50 equation.
  12. by   RN_Student14
    I emailed Saadi and asked her how do they assign the points. Waiting for reply.
  13. by   metoyou
    Thanks Kamecee! That would be awesome information if she is able to explain it to you

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