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    I made a don't feel bad. Saadia told me that the 70's were very normal and were the most common scores thus far. I wouldnt stress it if I were you. I'm working on my backup plan/second school of choice now just to be on the safe side.

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    Have any of you who've taken the Kaplan thus far, also taken the TEAS V? Im curious on how you would compare them if you do not mind sharing. I take my Kaplan next Tuesday, so im in total studing/freaking out mode.
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    I think that's a pretty good score. I'd be happy with it! I'm so scared to take the darn test!
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    Do not stress. If you go in there stressing, your only hurting your chances. Just view the information as motivation sweety. Wish you luck.
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    GTC2012 i am taking mine on monday too. i only have 2 days to look at the book. yikes!!!
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    NAA MOMO I know! I'm studying right now too! Good luck! We can do this!
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    Hi GTC2012!

    It went okay, I ended up with a mid 70's score. The science was hellish and the writing section didn't make any sense. The bad thing is there is no advice I can give about studying. The reading/math and writing you can use the books, but the science. Wow! Now we just wait and see...

    Keep in touch! Would love to know how you are doing! Let us know after your test next week! Good luck, you'll do wonderfully...
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    Don't worry, thats about what I got too. It seems to be the norm. We will be okay.
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    i've taken the teas v. i find the science section to be easier and a lot more broad. it does have chemistry in it though. as far as the rest of the sections it's pretty much the same. i made a composite score of 89 on it with science being the lowest section the first time and an 82 the second time . it's definitely a lot longer than the kaplan.

    good luck everyone!
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    Hi Kiki.. Didn't go so well for me. I got a 77 so I'm pretty disappointed right now

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