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    Hi ladies! I'm taking the test on Monday and I'm super nervous! I keep hearing the same about the science part, we'll see... Hope we all do well! Good luck!
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    Kiki how did you do if you do not mind sharing. Was the science difficult for you? I am very optimistic. I am not going to worry about what I hear. I studied enough, and if you know you studied enough have faith everyone. We got this.
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    Quote from kamecee
    My friend said the same thing. He said to make sure to really know the physiology because the things they ask are crazy. He made a 78. Do you mind me asking the grades of your friends. Because to some people below an A is bad. I have been reviewing all day. How did you do in AP. Did you grasp the information well? I am praying its not horrible.
    They didn't say their grades on purpose and I didn't ask. I did well in A&P- A's in both, 102's on most all the tests. I feel like I have forgotten a lot of it though since we had to cram it all in!
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    oh and good luck Kamecee! Please come back and tell us what you thought of the test!
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    I will definitely post tomorrow, do not worry. Check back by 2 pm.
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    Good luck Kamecee!
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    Thank you!
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    I made a 75. Disappointed, but not going to stress it. I am out and about right now. I will post later what I thought about the test.
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    Thanks for letting us know! You did your best and that's what counts You have an excellent GPA so I'm sure you are ok.
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    Well we know u did your best. The 70's seems to be the average ( I haven't heard anything higher). Thanks again for starting this post. Best of luck come next month.