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    I take mine Thursday. A friend of mine took his toady and made a 78. He told there was no vocabulary or analogies. And he said the science was all physiology. Do that sound accurate?

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    Yeah, that sounds right. lol
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    Thank God. Because vocabulary can be tricky. Nice chatting with my hopeful classmate.
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    ok, so I wanted that to be a smiley face, not one with a heart lol Please do not think I am weird lol
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    lol you're fine. Good Luck!
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    I'm one of the ones that takes it the 29th. I'm hoping to do well but unsure... this test seems like it may be tricky. Good luck to all of us!
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    What makes you think it is tricky DeviMak? Do you know anyone who took the test?
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    I know a few that took it today and didn't do so well. They both had 4.0 gpa's too. It scares me! They said the science section was off the wall stuff that was no way to study for. I hope you do well this thursday! I'll be anxious to see how you say it went. I have another friend taking it Friday- I'm hoping she does well.
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    My friend said the same thing. He said to make sure to really know the physiology because the things they ask are crazy. He made a 78. Do you mind me asking the grades of your friends. Because to some people below an A is bad. I have been reviewing all day. How did you do in AP. Did you grasp the information well? I am praying its not horrible.
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    Hi Kiki! Just remembered you took tour test yesterday right? I hope it went well!!!

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