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    You are so in though, you don't have anything to stress about. There are 60 slots. So if you are number 6 on the list then it you are on the list. I am no where near the top. I know a lot of people will be ahead of me. I don't care how many get ahead of me, I'll be happy if 59 are ahead of me, just so long as I make the list. *Pray, pray, pray, pray*

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    madsmom1, I am totally with you!! Let me be number 60, I do not care as long as I get that acceptance letter I even think being number 61 would be okay because im pretty sure atleast one will give up their spot.
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    Ok. I'll admit... I am really getting nervous now. This last group who took the test had heads up on what to expect and a classmate told me she passed the assessment center and everyone leaving had smilies on their faces. They made 80's and 90's. I want this so baaaddd. Trying not to panic.
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    Kamecee, try not to worry! There were several that I overheard talking that scored in the 60's and even below so don't sweat it. There are 60 spots. Anybody has a shot at this point! No kind of heads up could honestly prepare any of us that took it today for the real test- you know that! Like others have said, there was no way to study for the science and the writing was crazy!
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    Come on guys.....lets try our BEST not to panic.....lets all look forward to seeing each other in the fall for the orientation
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    Good point metoyou! I know one girl who is going to another program so yeah... 61 wouldn't be bad either
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    Kamecee, don't lose your optimism... when I took my exam last Thursday, I talked to several people before and after the exam and they all scored around 70 and they don't have your GPA, so don't worry too much. I also know personally several people who have done well on the Kaplan and have decent GPAs, but if accepted to GTC, they are declining because they have already been accepted to their first choice of schools. So, not everybody who scored well on the kaplan are going to take those spots! It seems that with each passing day, our chances might get a fraction better!!!
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    I know i know. Devimak what I meant by heads up was everyone thought the science was whats in the Kaplan. So after a couple of us took the test and informed people, I know of least 6 people that found their AP2 lecture and studied hard for that portion and did well. People were killing themselves studying vocabulary and synonyms( I was one of them) then last minute I found out it was not necessary. People have admitted to me that their friends giving them a clue what was on it made them do better because it stopped them from studying unnecessary things and made them prepare for what was really on there. So I am not saying everyone did better because they were provided an insight, but a good amount of people told me it helped them ALOT and that's why they did well. I am happy everyone improved because I was not going to be mean and say " I cant tell you that because we are competing" Whoever deserves to get the spots will. I am just a little nervous lol I just think its because i know today was the last test day. Ill be ok. @phrozenone WWOOOSSSAAA ok ok I am calm.
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    @ kamecee, I know what you are saying. Just by reading what was posted on here saved me a lot of time. I was able to narrow down what to study for and stop wasting my time on unnecessary stuff that wasn't going to on the exam, but at the same time, even if you had heads up, like DeviMak said, there was NO WAY to study for that CRAZY writing section!!!!! I still have nightmares about it....
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    @seventyseven77 I am ok now. I think I lost it for a second. lol Thank you. Anyone seen hunger games????

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