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Not sure if there's one of these started already, but it's still pretty far off, so I thought I'd make one. Have any of you guys taken the TEAS yet? If not, where are you taking it? I didn't see any... Read More

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    Congrats GSUHopeful!!!!!!!! I know you are having an awesome weekend!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks everybody!

    troop and brazilian nurse, when I go drop off my acceptance form I'll ask how many spots they have left for you guys even though im positive both of you will get in!!!!
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    Thanks GSUhopeful! I'm feeling good about our chances, too. I think they are waiting to see whether some of the accepts are declining their spots before sending out more letters. I'm a little nervous about my GPA but I think my competitive TEAS will help keep me in the running. We'll see. Any little nugget of info you can find out will be much appreciated, though!:bowingpur
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    I'm taking the nutrition course this semester- easy!
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    Hi All,
    Like so many others, I've been stalking this page for quite a while lol I received my acceptance letter for the ACE Program on yesterday!!!!

    G.P.A. 3.71
    TEAS 88

    I also have a previous bachelor's degree and I will be done taking all of my pre-reqs this semester. Hope this helps someone. Good luck to you all and I hope to see you all in the fall!!!!
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    Congratulations Lizzy03!!!

    I wonder how many other "lurkers" have been checking out the thread, but haven't posted yet....come on y'all, don't be shy! LOL
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    LOL! Thanks so much troop949!
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    NP Lizzy. I have similar stats (3.68 GPA, 90.7 TEAS) to yours, so you give me hope, LOL. I know there are so many other little things that factor into the decisions, though. But I can't even devote too much energy to all of that, because I have a ton of stuff to do to get through the end of this semester! I'm really gonna have to pray, exercise, and clone myself if I expect to be able to make it out of the ACE program alive at this rate. I've been out of college since 2002, so I'm just now getting back into the swing of things - this is my first semester @ GSU.

    But for real, if I could clone myself, that would be so awesome. One me to go to school, and another me to do the household/mommy/wife/etc. stuff....
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    I know what you mean troop. This is my second semester back in school after having been out for many years. Yep, our stats are quite similar. My G.P.A. is only a little better but your TEAS scores are much better in my opinion! Hopefully you will receive your acceptance letter this week! Yes, the ACE program will be difficult but it won't be anything we can't handle
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    Don't worry guys...I'm sure you will get in. My acceptance asked me to make a decision by April 13th, which means that there will be plenty of letters still going out. Your stats are strong; I have plenty of confidence that you will get in. I still have you guys in my thoughts....

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