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    Who's applied to GPC for the fall?

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    Quote from metoyou
    Who's applied to GPC for the fall?
    Hey,I applied for fall and just took Teas v few days ago...
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    Did they write on the board when we could expect to hear something? I took the TEAS in December at another testing site. If you do not mind, what was your adjusted math and reading comp score? I scored an 85 average on the two sections, and my GPA is a 3.5.
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    I also applied for the Fall 2012. I am a little worried because my TEAS score was very low, 66%...even though it was proeficient, don't know if it's good enough to get in. Hopefully my 3.8 GPA will save me. Metoyou I saw you applied for the Spring semester...what happened? Your GPA and Teas score are very good! Good luck for the Fall 2012! If you have any info in regards to the acceptance process please share, and I'll do the same if I'll hear anything. All I know is that this waiting period is killing me!!!!
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    I had to retake my TEAS V. Don't be too worried about your TEAS score says on the website that they use your adjusted Math and reading score, not your overall score (they only use the overall score as far as if you score proficient or above) When I originally took the TEAS V my math score was in the 50's! I was told that is what hurt my chances, and they told me to retake the test and improve my math score, so thats what I did. Hopefully, I have a better chance this time around!!!
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    Metoyou, then I am still a little worried, cause my reading was only 64 point something and my math was 77%. I am not sure what were the lowest adjusted scores they accepted for the fall last year or Spring this year. What are your adjusted scores?
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    My adjusted score is an 85, my overall score was 74, I think. I do not know what the low score for acceptance was for any previous semester, but I think your 3.8 gpa is awesome, and 77 is really good. The wait really is awful!!! How many general education classes do you have left?
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    You're adjusted score is a really great one and very competitive. I have left only two classes: PHED 1101 and RSCH 1203 which I'll sign up for in the summer. How are you doing with the core classes? How many do you have left?
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    I've applied to the Fall 2012 program also. I had applied to Spring 2012 and did not get in, so I'm keeping everything crossed! Good luck to everyone.
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    Welcome kiki69! I read about you on the GPC Spring 2012 disscusion blog and you had very good scores and great GPAs... I was actually shocked you did not make it for the Spring, which made me worried that if you did not make it, what chances do I have.... Did you get the chance to call them and ask them the reason you did not make it in? How far are you from finishing the prereqs? Good luck to you too!

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