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  1. by   adria10
    Thank you mg100, I really appreciate it! Good luck with GTC...are they accredited now? I know they were not at one point and I was afraid to consider them. I am trying to stay away from non-accredited programs.
    Alright everyone, I'm heading home...I really hope something will be in that mailbox...good or is time to face the truth. Keep your finger's crossed. I'll keep you posted like in an hour or so!
  2. by   watashi
    One thing they seemed very concerned about was how close I was to finishing all my general education coursework. They sent an email last month with all the courses I had left to take, and pointed out they preferred it all to be done by start of the nursing program. (The acceptance package said we could have no more than 6 general-ed credit hours remaining when we started nursing work, and then some of the biology.) I sent them back an email with my plan for being done with everything by fall. So perhaps the reason some people are getting in on the second try is they are closer to being done?
  3. by   kiki69
    Thanks mg100! Good luck on the Kaplan!!!! Let us know how it goes. I took my Kaplan on the 13th and got mid 70's score. I did most of my pre reqs there and all my friends are there too. Is it possible that we've had classes together?

    nursetobe...I'm pretty sure they did get their accreditation a couple of years ago...they mentioned it during the meeting, if I remember right...
  4. by   mg100
    Hey Kiki, no I took all of my classes at GPC in Dunwoody. I should be studying right now for that Kaplan but am so over it!! What will do if you get accepted to Gwinnett Tech too?
  5. by   adria10
    I got my rejection letter in the mail right now also :-( It is what it is! Good luck metoyou and everybody that has not received it yet. And again congratulations to everybody that got accepted! You all deserve it because I know how hard we've all worked for this.
  6. by   kiki69
    If I get into GTC too(which I doubt I will get that lucky to have a I would pick GTC. I live right around the corner from the school...I mean literally 5 minutes...and 3 is getting out of my neighborhood... Clarkston is far for me and I know a lot of people...I'd have to leave the house at 6 a.m. to resist traffic to be there at 8... It doesn't matter about clinicals since we don't know where we are gonna be anyway... What about you? where would you pick?
  7. by   kiki69

    I am so sorry to hear that. Please don't give up though! I know you will make it in! And thank you for the congrats too....I know how hard it is and you are so gracious....

  8. by   adria10
    Thank you kiki, I really appreciate it! I will definitely not give up on this, I know I'm meant to be a nurse! I know GOD has a plan for me! Hugs!
  9. by   mg100
    Nursetobe10 - oh no, I am so sorry.....I know how you feel, I am so bummed, but we have to pick up and move on to the next thing. It is not over, just keep moving forward! But it is not fun to get that little envelope!! Try to stay positive!

    Kiki - I really do not care which one - I live in Dunwoody, so I actually think Gwinnett Tech might be a little better drive. Clarkston is in a bad area, and it is a pain to get there. But there might be another class I would have to take at Gwinnett tech, not sure. But of course wherever I get in is where I will go!! I dont think I will get in there either though. My GPA is just not high enough so I need to do REALLY well on Kaplan to make up for it (3.4). Anyway, you will probably get into both - I hope you do! That would be awesome to be right around the corner!
  10. by   kiki69
    You are so welcome nurse!
  11. by   kiki69

    Thanks for the well wishes and props but I'm not so sure myself. You have a good GPA and as long as you get in the 70's you have a great chance! So take it easy, don't stress over the test...keep in mind the science part is awful! but you can do it...

    You are so right about the area the Clarkston campus is in...I hope we don't have to be there at night...but if we do, I've got pepper spray!
  12. by   mg100
    Haha, yes I drove there in the morning and had my doors locked! Yes worried about the science section, I feel like I have practically read the entire A&P text book, but it wont be enough!! Havent even thought about the other sections....The sample questions they sent us for Science I had to look up and am still not sure if I got them right!! Oh well, I have not even studied today, I cant look at it anymore, haha!! Keep me posted, I think the letters go out mid-April?? Did you apply anywhere else besides those two? Not me. Good luck!
  13. by   kiki69
    No, just those two. I was going to try for the accelerated BSN at GA State but didn't take any chemistry classes. Good luck and let me know, k?