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I am turning in my application packet soon for the bridge programnext spring. Good luck to anyone else who is applying.... Read More

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    161 should be the total who took the critical thinking test. It means the nursing group as a whole

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    I was confused about that too. I looked it up and here is what i found. Percentile Scores: A percentile score is another type of converted score. Your raw score is converted to a number indicating the percentage of the norm group who scored below you. For example, a score at the 60th percentile means that the individual's score is the same as or higher than the scores of 60% of those who took the test.

    If the above theory is correct then the 14% percentile indicates that the individual scored the same as or better than 14% of the test takers. So 161 x 14% = 22.5 people scored in the 14th percentile or lower. I think....I could be wrong lol.

    Either way, I'm going to look at this as I did everything to the best of my abilities and now it's out of my hands. There's nothing more I can do except think positive and wait patiently.
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    I'm so confused, lol. In 2012 when I applied the group size said 75 and there was way more than 75 that applied to the program, so I was just assuming the same for this time but I agree with [COLOR=#003366]dieprinzessin77[/COLOR] , we did our best and if we are meant to get in we will. So good luck everyone, here's to hoping September and October fly on by!!!!
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    [QUOTE=hopefullGordonGirl;7526972]I'm so confused, lol. In 2012 when I applied the group size said 75 and there was way more than 75 that applied to the program, so I was just assuming the same for this time]

    Was the test taken on two different days? That could be why because this selection they did it the same day so they probably waited til after the afternoon test to send the tests off to ATI. I agree with dieprinzessin77 nothing more that we can do, we've done what we can and it's out of our hands now.
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    your absolutely right militarywife, they were on two different days..... and still praying for nothing but acceptance letters!!!
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    Quote from Naenae01
    Ok I'm tryna to understand this so if someone is in the 14 percentile that means they are in the top and that they were only 23 people who scored 55 and above? And also what percentile are you in?
    The "group" is everyone who took the test for Gordon NP. 161 includes both groups. there was 71 in the 1 pm test (I counted). that means there was 90 for the first test.
    Yes 14% made above a 55. I don't know anyone who made a 50 but I'm sure someone did- that person will know how many made a 50 or higher. I can only speak for the girl who made a 55, which of course was 14th percentile. My percentile was 1st, with an 87.5. Dr. Campbell's Quantitative skills and reasoning class definitely helped me, although I was usually one only a few who knew what he was talking about, All I know is less than a 50 and your out. a 50 or better will either get you in or they will call past turn downs.
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    DP74, I'm a little confused still....don't want to keep dragging this on, but I don't want others to get their hopes up. I made a 67.5 on the CT test and my results show I'm in the 49th percentile. The way I figured it, if 161 took the test, then about 81 people made 67.5+. And if they only accept 80 students, you would at least need a 68+ to be considered. Am I figuring these results incorrectly?
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    If that is in fact true. You are probably not looking at the right percentile. It is the one that says something like
    individual percentile rank program. I know a Guy who made an 82.5 and he is in the 4th. The girl I know who made a 55 could be looking at the wrong one
    but it really seems consistent with the other scores and percentiles I've heard. It's hard to imagine the other 50% percent of the people scored between 67.5 and 82.5.
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    Hello everyone, well its FINALLY October!!! So we will all know soon if we are in, once again I would like to wish everyone Good Luck! and I am praying we all make it in
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    So I got my acceptance letter yesterday and turned my letter in to save my seat. Woo hoo! Wishing for nothing but acceptance letters for the rest of you guys!!. Good luck!!
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