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I am turning in my application packet soon for the bridge programnext spring. Good luck to anyone else who is applying.... Read More

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    Well they may in fact send it out on October 30th I
    for one Believe that is ridiculous. I am unlocked to register on 10/29 @ 2pm.
    So when I register for Nursing 1901 etc., it will be both a dead giveaway and anticlimactic.
    On my "registration status" on banner, the field for program now says" Associate of Science in Nursing"
    as opposed to pre nursing like it has been since I started school, I was hoping to be surprised with a letter
    rather than by successfully registering for the courses. I predict they will be out before Monday,
    which is the first day of registration. Good luck peeps.
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    I believe that on Banner wed, the program field is what one signed up for upon entering Gordon and should be the same on your past registration periods. I believe the area that will change would be the MAJOR- that can either be found just below the area previously mentioned or on the academic transcript as current MAJOR, still hoping and praying for letters to be arriving to everyone soon
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    I feel like I've been living by my mailbox these last few weeks. They suck for making us wait so long. But I'm still praying. Good luck everyone!!!
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    I'm pretty sure the mail man thinks I'm stalking him haha! When it does finally get here I'm sure I'll be excited, but scared to open it all at the same time. Good luck everyone!!
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    Good luck to everyone. This has been a long ride but by this time next week we all will know our status. Hopefully.
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    Just wanted to say hello to everyone. Hope you are holding out well. I know for me it almost seems like a dream that it is actually the week we will find out if we are in. I am trying not to get too excited but to focus on current assignments... but it sure is hard. Still praying we all make it in Have a great week!!!
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    Hey everyone. Just a heads up. I called the school of nursing today and the lady told me that no letters have been mailed out yet. she said they were suppose to be mailed out this week but there was a delay and they should def be mailed out next week. This is annoying but hopefully all this waiting is well worth it. Many blessings to you all!!!
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    It looks like people must be getting their letters because someone was able to register for 1901 And 1921. Hopefully we all get letters and are able to register soon!! This waiting period has been stressful and I cant even imagine what kind of stress the actual program will entail, but excited for it!! Good luck everyone!!!!
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    I was also able to register for the classes but I am
    not that presumptuous. I will wait.
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    I just received my acceptance letter!!!!!
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    Quote from peachynurse93
    I just received my acceptance letter!!!!!
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    Thanks! I wish everybody Good Luck.
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    Quote from peachynurse93
    I just received my acceptance letter!!!!!