Gordon College Fall 2012 hopefuls

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    I dropped off my nursing application as soon as the application process started and I cant wait to find out if I have been accepted.

    Who else out there has applied and what is your stats?

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    Hey!! I've applied too. 3.85 GPA, and 73.3 TEAS score. You? I get nervous every time I think about it. Then we have to wait 8 weeks after Jan. 30 in addition to waiting for a letter to take the critical thinking exam....It's gonna be a long couple of months!
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    I have a 2.8. ekk! I knw. but i made an 83 on the teas. I started working to jobs one semester and it wrecked havoc on my grades. hopefully i will do good on the critical thinking test. Which i havent even heard about yet.
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    I've been wondering about that critical thinking test 2. Do we get the appt made b4 the application shut off date... Jan 30...or after?
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    I called the nursing department and the person that answered the phone told me that she didnt know when they were going send out letters to set up a testing date or when they would email the testing date. she just said that we will be contacted.

    that was a very unsatisfying answer. but it does look like its going to be after the nursing application deadline.
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    I will
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    Will try not 2 stalk mail man after the 30th
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    Me 2. I hope we get sum more comments goin. Sumtimes it hard to get a reply on here.
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    Yea, that would be nice. I saw some old posts on here for those who got into Gordon's program last year... and how they were waiting on the mail. I was excited for them just reading it! LOL. Let's hope we both get in!! My nerves will really get bad when we get the letter for the critical thinking test. I'll post if and when that happens...
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    Ok. Sounds lik a plan!

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