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I dropped off my nursing application as soon as the application process started and I cant wait to find out if I have been accepted. Who else out there has applied and what is your stats?... Read More

  1. by   MedicalMinded
    They mite b goin by las name or by order of wen applications were recieved bcuz i hand deliverd mine withn the first week or 2 of da application process openin. An u mite want to call an see wat order they are mailn em out. All at once or n groups. Keep hope alive!
  2. by   gReeNTwin1
    LOL!!!! I will!!! Thanks!!
  3. by   gReeNTwin1
    What does your last name begin with MedicalMinded?
  4. by   MedicalMinded
    My las name begins with an F
  5. by   gReeNTwin1
    Hmmm....ok, ok.... Well, I hope one of the next things I post will be I got the letter for the critical thinking test, then I hope I post something about being accepted. How long would it be before you find out what you made on the critical thinking test if it's a paper/pencil test?
  6. by   MedicalMinded
    N e were between 3 days or Up to a week later. Hav u clld da nursn dept yet?
  7. by   gReeNTwin1
    I called & asked were some critical thinking tests actually sent out yet & they said yes, but they are not finished sending them out. All the rest went out the window with that...lol ....
  8. by   MedicalMinded
    Lol. Okay.
  9. by   MedicalMinded
    i think about the decision letter everyday! ugh.
  10. by   gReeNTwin1
    Me too!!! & I haven't even received a critical thinking test date!
  11. by   MedicalMinded
    Im sure u will. I knw sum otha ppl that havnt recievd a test date yet.
  12. by   KRH78
    Got my critical thinking test date... Feb. 17th @ 1:00pm
  13. by   gReeNTwin1
    Well...that only leaves me out of our little group we got going here..... Still haven't received a letter!! :uhoh21:

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