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I dropped off my nursing application as soon as the application process started and I cant wait to find out if I have been accepted. Who else out there has applied and what is your stats?... Read More

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    Well, I'm taking Micro and AP II now, and after that, I'm done. Paper/pencil critical thinking test? Well...that sucks... I feel as if that's the only way I would get in too....is if I do well on the critical thinking test...thats IF I get an invite to take it.

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    Well the wait continues...this is so nerve wreckn.
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    You have got alot going for you... You are a student @ Gordon (they get put before the transfers) and you are a CNA already (you are awarded extra points for that) Hopefully we will all get in!!!
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    I hope so. I jus wish we could go ahead an take da critical thnkn test.
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    Krh78 and thanks. wat u said is gne help me get thru da wait. So does anyone knw hw da acceptance process wrks?once accepted do we have to "rsvp"? Thats a new phrase to me lol. Ive heard otha nursin students mention it.
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    Yes once you are accepted you have to "accept" your spot (RSVP) VERY IMPORTANT... If you don't, you are bumped off the list which will free up a spot for the people who got wait listed...
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    Oh ok. I thought so.
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    Everybdy i jus recievd my apptmnt for da critcal thnkn test. It on feb. 17th @ 1 an i stay n barnesville.

    It also states that its estimated that decision letters will go out by April 30th
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    Well....there goes my hope. I stay in Barnesville 2... I just checked my mailbox....& nothing.....
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    They mite b goin by las name or by order of wen applications were recieved bcuz i hand deliverd mine withn the first week or 2 of da application process openin. An u mite want to call an see wat order they are mailn em out. All at once or n groups. Keep hope alive!

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