Gordon College Fall 2012 hopefuls - page 10

I dropped off my nursing application as soon as the application process started and I cant wait to find out if I have been accepted. Who else out there has applied and what is your stats?... Read More

  1. by   gReeNTwin1
    Correction! Later info provided that this was for the BSN.... :::hysterical laughter subsides...wipes forehead::::
  2. by   MedicalMinded
    My advisor told me that we would most likely recieve decision letter before April 30th because the committee has to have everything turned in by April 1st. So atleast wait til after April 1st to start stalking your mailboxes.lol. I hope we get in!
  3. by   gReeNTwin1
    OMG MedicalMinded, now I'm freaking out again!!! I WISH US ALL THE BEST! Ohhh mannnn....now I'm nervous again!!
  4. by   MedicalMinded
    lol! the time is winding down.
  5. by   Pinoysailor
    Ahhhh! I'm freaking out too. I wanna know already!!!! I wish everyone luck and hope we call get in!
  6. by   gReeNTwin1
    Yea, it's getting pretty crazy now that it's crunch time. Rumors are running rampant. I did call the NAHS building yesterday, and I was told that "more than likely you will probably receive letters within the second week of April. Go ahead and register for classes as you normally would, then if you're accepted, drop them and add your nursing classes. Ok?" By the time we get those letters, all of us are going to be one step closer to the cuckoo's nest!

    Enjoy the rest of the semester! :hehe!!
  7. by   Pinoysailor
    Haha the cuckoo's nest might still be an understatement lol! OMG! Though really the second week in April!!!!! I think my heart just stopped for a sec!
  8. by   MedicalMinded
    Well I for one will try to avoid checkin the mailbox til around april 17th then. Ugh. I think about wats in the mail everydae. lol.
  9. by   gReeNTwin1
    Yea, I know, right?! You should see the look of disgust on my face when I open the mailbox to see a bill or some other insignificant letter. LOL!!
  10. by   MedicalMinded
    Cassandra i totally understand hw u feel! Lol. I do the same thng
  11. by   Pinoysailor
    MedicalMind I too shall wait til the 17th to check my mail! Lol ugh! This wait I swear!!!! :O
  12. by   shabowen628
    I hope I can be that disciplined. Haven't been so far. :-).
  13. by   MedicalMinded
    Lol @ shabowen & pinoysailor