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Georgia Southern Nursing programs

  1. 0 Hi I have been thinking about applying to GA southern Nursing Program. I just wanted to know if anyone had any experiences with their program, and what they look for as far as entrance test, NCLEX pass rate and all that. Also, highly is the program rated? any other information will help. Thanks
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    I am currently at GA southern in my second semester of the nursing program
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    Thats wonderful! Can u answer a few questions for me?
    1. How hard was it to get in? (teas score, GPA)
    2. What is your schedule like?
    3. What is the program like?
    4. How are the instructors?
    5. What are you clinical like?
    6. What was your Chemistry Pre-Req
    7. What is your uniform like?
    And any other information you might think I want to know! Thanks so much
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    it wasnt hard to get in, my gpa was 4 but im not sure whst the minimum is. you dont have to take the teas you just take a hesi on math and english and its really easy. so besides the gpa all you have to do it write an essay.
    idk how our schedule compares with other schools but the first semester is the busiest. we had class 8-5 every day and clinicals tuesday and wednesday. we had 2-3 exams every week which made it really hard to have time to study .. but this semester is better with class m-w and clinicals thursday and friday, one exama week
    the program is pretty good the instructors are ok. basic chemistry and microbiology is required. clinicals are about an hours drive away. and the uniform is all white scrubs.
    i can give more info a little later if you on my tablet so its hard to type!
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    Yes Please I would Love More information! If you would give me your email address, or better yet, here is mine! "". I'm sorry, I am just really excited that I found someone that can actually tell me about the program! I have been looking around, and I couldn't really find any reviews on the program! I really appreciate it!
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    @ Shannon

    What was your gpa when you applied? Do you what the lowest GPA was for students who were admitted to the program?

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    Did you get accepted at GA Southern